Anime Body pillow vs King size pillow, which one do you prefer? Most of the people would have the question. So which one should we choose? That is my question about waifu pillow and king size pillow, and I feel so puzzled about it, who can help me out?


Here is my question.I have started having awful lower back pain at night, and I can't seem to figure out how to fix it.  I've tried firm, soft, and a mix of the two pillows under my head, but that doesn't seem to make too big a difference.  I try laying on my side, but the way I'm comfortable doing that doesn't seem to be comfortable for there's a lot more activity when I'm sleeping that way.  Laying on my back just seems to make it worse when I need to roll over, and of course, I can't sleep on my tummy anymore.

How do the body pillows work?  And will a king size pillow do the trick?  Will either of these help with the lower back pain while laying down?  HELP!  :-)

THANKS in advance!