Wow...we've got more members than i thought...sorry i didn't welcome each personally...but i didn't know...from now on i'll be checking that list every few days to see.  In groups are never  about the NUMBERS of members...i want participation...and in coming days I'm going to do everything I can to encourage each of you to participate...even if it's posting a cartoon or 'meme' about our topic  (Wisewolf is in da house), ask questions or do your favorite spiel about the subject. What's near/dear to your heart?  Whether you're new to spirituality and the 'paranormal'/'supernatural' or an old hand (some, like me, have been studying this stuff most of our lives)...please feel free.  It's so much a part of my life, my 'normal', that I was surprised to realize a couple of years ago that many people begin investigating and thinking about the subject only after a loved one dies, or some experience opens this door to them.  Please don't ever slam that door on someone because they're having difficulty processing and understanding/accepting what's happening to them.

Everyone is always welcome to post topics...and the more 'comments' the better...things manifest differently for each of us, yet there are some sharing is good and can be very helpful to 'newbies'.  My one request is that every one be civil and kind---disagreement is fine---but there is such a thing as TACT and part of that is also to try not to take offense too easily---if you feel put out by something someone says---ask clarifying questions or 'How do you mean that?', they may not have intended any offense...just sharing their experience with whatever and it differed from yours.  

And don't forget to have some fun. Laughter is good for us, both brains and hearts (the physical as well metaphorical ones) benefit from JOY!