IPhone 8 new product has been exposed, Apple also confirmed the authenticity of these pictures, a lot of fruit powder said: too ugly, since the iPhone 5S, Apple no new ... ... so much of the voice, it is inevitable that someone said: Apple Sensor to transform the car, after all, like the Masque Tesla now do is in full swing Indeed, unmanned and clean energy vehicles are hot for the past two years, but it must be pointed out that there is a big difference between the automotive industry and the pure IT product architecture.

   Apple has applied for a car sensor patent, allegedly to reduce traffic accidents to 80%. Bluetooth sensor, can scan the surrounding environment, and other automotive, sensor and GPS system communication, update the driver dashboard display, so that the ambulance and overtaking cars and other 'obstacles' to help the car communicate with each other. Apple chief executive Tim Cook has said the company Speed Sensor is investing heavily in developing autonomous systems - a major application for cars. Apple has upgraded its car infotainment system CarPlay. With the popularity of autopilot cars, CarPlay applications such systems will be more extensive.
  However, Apple has not classified this patent in the autopilot car, some experts said that although the patent has a positive significance, but the patent distance is still a great distance from the product, which is a lot of auto driving Throttle Position Sensor  car patent a common problem , Most of the patented technology can not be converted into commodities, there are many reasons, including yield, cost and other issues.