Apple developed the Bluetooth sensor, can scan the surrounding environment, and other automotive, sensor and GPS system communication, update the driver dashboard display, so that the ambulance and overtaking Sensor cars and other 'obstacles.' The patent application does not refer to this technology as an autopilot, but rather it is an enhanced version of the parking sensor, the blind spot detection system - these technologies are now popular in the car.

   Apple to obtain a patent, does not mean that the relevant technology will be converted into commodities. In fact, most of the patented technology can not be converted into commodities, this patent may also be the case. Vehicle communication is not new. Vehicles - Vehicle Communications Alliance was founded in 2002, over the years Broadcom has been in the development of similar technology, Qualcomm launched several Speed Sensor sets of Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G / 4G LTE in one solution. Several reasons mean that Apple's development of such technology is still meaningful. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said the company is investing heavily in developing autonomous systems - a major application for cars. Apple has upgraded its car infotainment system CarPlay. With the popularity of autopilot cars, CarPlay applications such systems will be more extensive.

   Apple is also interested in improving wireless communication technology. Apple has developed a W1 chip for AirPods wireless headphones to improve its performance. Apple is one of the inventors of this patent, its position is iOS Bluetooth engineer. The recent closure of the automotive sensor company Pearl Automation, many employees are former Apple engineers. If Apple really produces legendary proprietary brand cars, it may have to configure such vehicles - vehicle communication systems. A draft Throttle Position Sensor of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which requires all vehicles to install a vehicle-vehicle communication system, predicts that this technology can reduce non-drunk driving by 80% of major traffic accidents.