Over the past few weeks, Apple has tested its own driving software on three Lexus RX450h SUVs. Vehicles were photographed in the San Francisco Bay area. Local time on the 22nd morning, MacRumors readers Sensor photographed an Apple-modified SUV road driving video.

  Video can be seen in the SUV equipped with multiple sensors and cameras, on the road is very conspicuous. It uses the top Velodyne 64 channel optical radar (LiDAR) and uses at least two radars and several cameras for navigation. The video was taken on 101 North section, and the test vehicle in the video was leaving the university street of Paroo.

   Apple on April 14 this year received the California Che Kwun (DMV) unmanned car on the road test permission, and immediately after the start on the road test. Apple is testing its own research and development fuel metering valve of the autopilot system, vehicle driving group members, including six Apple employees and automatic driving experts.

  Apple has been driving autopilot for many years, initially rumors that Apple wants to launch its own brand of cars. Later, under the leadership of the new department manager Bob Mansfield, delete the simple focus on automatic driving software development.

  The Apple team will conclude the autopilot system feasibility at the end of 2017. The future of Apple or with the car manufacturers to develop more advanced CarPlay software, if Apple to regain Temperature Sensor the real car dream, autopilot software can also be embedded into their own car.

Apple has always been known for its confidentiality, but automatic driving on the public road test is inevitable 'exposure'. The California government states that companies that conduct local driving tests must submit analysis reports to analyze the details of the test, including mileage and any accidents Pressure Sensor or accidents that occur. Apple has asked California Che Kwun to modify the 'Disengagement Report' (Disengagement Reports) in the provisions of some of the data, it is not clear how the response of California Che Kwun.