Technology giant Apple and the era of new energy technology co., Ltd. To develop automotive batteries. CATL has been under the new energy technology company, for the supply of Apple products, but later from the latter to become an independent entity. CATL currently supplies battery packs for electric buses, electric buses, electric trucks Sensor and fixed energy storage. Over the past two years, the company has been among the world's third largest battery manufacturers, last year the total capacity of shipping batteries equivalent to 6.8 gigawatt hours, 2015 total power of 2.4 gigawatt hours.

For a long time, there have been rumors that Apple is developing unmanned technology, recently in its California headquarters and found a self-driving car. In the machine learning and machine automation invested heavily in Apple, until now only announced its plans in the automotive field. Apple CEO Tim Cook for the first time confirmed that Apple is developing unmanned automotive software focused Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor on the automatic system, because the core technology is very important to all the mother of artificial intelligence projects, it may be the most difficult to operate the most difficult artificial Intelligent project.

Apple to enter the unmanned vehicle technology this action code-named 'Titan project', the intention of the move in the last year has changed. At that time Apple stopped self-research cars, instead of developing can be installed in other vehicles on the unmanned artificial intelligence. At the same time, Cook refused to disclose whether Apple wants Temperature Sensor to build their own car in the future. Although Apple had not previously announced plans to develop automatic driving technology, but earlier this year, Apple obtained the test vehicle license, its interest has been confirmed.

Apple's unmanned car prototype was photographed from a research institute in Silicon Valley. Two weeks after Apple was allowed to test his autopilot in California, a passer-by took a white Lexus RX450h SUV. The car is covered with a series of sensors and other equipment. The car used by the sensor seems to be provided by a third party, not Apple. The car equipment includes Velodyne Lidar's most high-end 64-channel sensor, used to ABS Sensor detect obstacles, the car at least two kinds of radar and a series of cameras. The cameras are on the back, top, front and sides of the car.