The production process of the car is simple, including: casting, forging, cold stamping, welding, metal cutting, heat treatment and assembly of seven processes. One of the welding process is generally completed in the welding shop, but also Sensor  an important part of the automobile production process is essential. As the welding workshop production line, a high degree of intelligence, so the amount of non-contact detection sensor is very large, especially inductive sensors, used in body welding process positioning the body position. But the welding process because of its use of a large number of welding equipment and conditions of the environment is complex, the choice of the sensor has been a problem for customers.

The original factory use of other manufacturers of the sensor shell material resistance to slag accumulation and poor performance of the poor performance in the use of the spot welding machine in the high temperature welding will produce the phenomenon of slag splash, often in the sensor sensing surface and the shell There is accumulation of welding slag. As the welding slag is a metal material, once the accumulation of too much will disturb the sensor internal coil external magnetic field, resulting in sensor detection failure; the same time, in high temperature welding, welding slag temperature is usually high, will cause the sensor shell and internal Circuit damage, which will seriously shorten the life of the sensor.

In addition, welding equipment in the welding line more equipment, the use of more complex environment, a large number of electromagnetic interference generated, often cause malfunction of the sensor, which seriously Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor affect the normal use of inductive sensors. So the site staff need to build anti-welding slag and anti-magnetic field interference ability of the sensor, to prevent the occurrence of failure and damage.

The new UPROX + series sensor with Teflon coating is made of German advanced technology to make Teflon material evenly, seamlessly and firmly plated on the entire housing, sensing surface and mounting accessories. Teflon coating high temperature characteristics of the sensor can tolerate high temperature welding sparks; and welding slag once the splash on the Teflon coating will immediately fall, by virtue of this feature, the sensor to maximize the accumulation of welding slag , Thus effectively protecting the internal circuit from damage, but also to avoid the welding slag accumulation in the sensor sensor surface caused by the occurrence of induction failure.

At the same time, NI20U-MT30-AP6X-H1141 sensor is also one of the new UPROX + series of sensor products, with all the advantages of the series of sensors, because of its patented flexible non-ferrite core coil, plus the internal special shielding Processing, and thus effectively prevent the welding process of strong magnetic field interference, completely avoid the sensor malfunction, in order to achieve Pressure Sensor the body in the welding process in the precise positioning.

First, through the repeated dynamic welding spark test, copper shell with Teflon coating, can effectively resist the welding slag attached to the sensor surface, but also enhance the local temperature characteristics of the sensor, so the pole The earth to extend the life of the sensor, which makes the customer's procurement costs greatly reduced.

Second, the series has all the advantages of UPROX + series of products: with easy to install the rich shell form; IP68 high degree of protection; excellent electromagnetic compatibility; high anti-electromagnetic Speed Sensor  interference characteristics. In this way, in the automotive welding process of strong electromagnetic interference environment, the sensor is still easy to use. Which makes the customer's selection time greatly reduced, improve the efficiency.

Third, the UPROX + family of products can replace a number of traditional models with a new type of sensor, which allows customers to use fewer types of sensors to meet the needs of all production applications and reduce the amount of spare parts. In particular, the automotive industry requires more use, the application Throttle Position Sensor is complex, the use of UPROX + series of products can be avoided for special models of products and additional costs.