Nissan Motor Company Auto Avoidance Pedestrian System. The system consists of a camera and five laser ranging sensors, which can sense the obstructions within 20 meters of the left and right sides of the car, 150 meters ahead of the car Sensor and 70 meters in the vehicle. Once the pedestrian is suddenly present, the system automatically controls the steering wheel and takes the avoidance Action, not only to avoid pedestrians, but also to avoid the collision with other vehicles. At present, the automatic brake safety system has been available and loaded in some vehicles, the development of the steering wheel control system can solve the brake can not stop the traffic accident, advanced technology.

Laser rangefinder sensor is a laser phase method for the object distance measurement of high precision ranging sensor, the response speed up to 50HZ. The sensor can measure the distance without a mirror, increase the filter can also measure the distance ABS Sensor of high temperature objects. It has a wide range of applications, such as container positioning, elevator operation measurement, electrified railway catenary measurement.

  Automatic positioning of the workpiece, the positioning of the moving object, the measurement of the large object, the large-scale shelf inventory management, the electrified railway catenary survey, the railway construction Material boundary measurement Throttle Position Sensor and river water and other water level measurement, distance, location, level, level, the production line blank positioning.