With the support of the American Chemical Council's car group, researchers at Michigan State University believe that they have developed a new type of adhesive that allows car prices to bond together Sensor a wide variety of materials. The group in the main a super glue, the product can be applied to different surface properties of the material, and in different materials to play its role in the temperature.

  Sandra McClelland, director and sales business development manager for Solvay Specialty Plastics, said the adhesive could separate the adhesive material at the end of the life of the various vehicle materials and ensure the cleanliness of the material. Car manufacturers for the recycling of materials needs. The group intends to maintain a lower royalties to encourage car prices to be used in vehicle design. McClelland attended the Automotive Management Seminar at the American Automotive Research Center last month to show that current Temperature Sensor and future vehicles will use all kinds of energy-saving materials. If you use a variety of materials, will provide optimal configuration for the car prices and users, taking into account the performance of vehicles, safety, beauty and value. All the materials will do their best.

   In the selection of automobile and parts materials, the automobile industry should avoid the limitation of all or none of the selection. It should use a variety of materials, such as aluminum alloy and high strength steel, aluminum and composite, compound and steel Way, in the case of no increase in vehicle weight or the use of adhesives to ensure that the life of the vehicle during the parts of its difficult to separate. Dakt Global also released an industry report indicating that the target value for vehicle weight in the industry is that passenger cars are required to achieve a weight loss of 200 pounds in 2025, which means that conventional vehicles or trucks will use polymer materials to replace existing Of the metal parts, the average amount Speed Sensor of about 33 pounds. The demand for weight loss will only promote the mixing of multiple materials, so a new approach is needed to combine the various materials to meet the manufacturing and quality standards of the vehicle.
   The adhesive uses a reinforced thermoplastic and ultra-fine magnetic particles, can be all kinds of plastic, metal or plastic metal composite material, without the need to add rivets or connectors. The adhesive makes it easier to achieve recycling of the product at the end of its useful life. McClelland said the study is still in the laboratory testing phase, but the future in the practical application Throttle Position Sensor of the potential is quite large. The bonding method allows the components to be repaired to have a higher strength after bonding.