With the development of automobile electronic technology, the safety performance technology of automobile has been paid much attention, and the braking system is the main safety piece. The ABS (Anti-lockedBrakingSystem) anti-lock braking system is a kind of anti- Lock and other advantages of the car safety control system, which both the normal braking system braking function, but also to prevent the wheel lock, brake anti-lock system in the braking process to prevent the wheel was locked, Moving speed and shortening Sensor the braking distance can effectively improve the direction stability and steering ability of the automobile. The influence of the brake release system on the performance of the vehicle is mainly to reduce the braking distance, keep the steering ability and improve the driving direction Stability and reduce tire wear, is the most advanced on the car, the best braking effect of the brake device.

  Speed ​​sensor in the automotive ABS system applications, ABS system by the wheel speed sensor, hydraulic control unit and electronic control unit ECU and other components, in the brake, the wheel speed sensor to measure the speed of the wheel, if a wheel has the possibility of locking , The wheel deceleration increases rapidly and the wheels begin to slip. If the deceleration exceeds Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the set value, the controller will issue an instruction to let the solenoid stop or reduce the brake pressure of the wheel until the lock may disappear.

  The wheel speed sensor is used to detect the wheel speed, and the speed signal is sent to the ECU to determine whether to start the anti-lock brake, the installation position on the wheel. Honeywell offers automotive ABS system wheel speed sensor solutions.

Honeywell's electronic speed sensor has been used in engine control for 25 years and has the ability to provide professional application technology to its customers. We supply a complete range of products, including Hall effect, magnetoresistive and variable reluctance sensor (VRS), compatible with most control systems. Honeywell designs and manufactures highly reliable long-life speed sensors that use a variety of techniques to detect magnetic field variations and produce corresponding electrical signals available to the vehicle control system that can measure fuel metering valve the speed of the vehicle's non-contact vehicle. Honeywell's speed sensor provides true zero speed, directional sensing and precise switching points. The speed sensor diagnostic function provides information about air gaps and sensor faults to improve reliability and functionality. Honeywell offers speed sensor products for automotive ABS systems.