I have seen many kids live sedentary lives. I have seen them grow into obese humans. I have seen the same group of kids struggle to get their butts off their seats to try to work the pounds gained after months or years of yo-yo dieting. And, I wouldn't want the same for my daughter.

Don’t get me wrong. Letting your son or daughter watch TV or play computer games is totally fine. In fact, it is required to help improve their psychomotor, their ability to reason and make decisions. However, you need not expose your child to too much TV and games. Use a fitness tracker for kids to get them on the move instead.

While medics recommend that your kid should get at least 60 minutes of physical exercise on a daily basis, getting a child on the move all the time can be a pain in the ass. I am a parent. And trust me, asking my daughter to move around the house after every one hour or so has always been a struggle.

I found a good way to get my priceless kid on the move without having to remind them about it. And that's by using a fitness tracker that is designed for kids. Keep in mind, though, that the tracker has to be specific. An activity monitor specifically designed for kids takes the cake.

I bought Garmin Vivofit Junior for my daughter. And she really loves it. I love it, too, because of the benefits that it offers. At a cheaper price tag, we would expect it to be an average bear on quality. But this product has tons of features that simply overwhelm both my daughter and me.

Not only is this tracker for fitness able to instruct my daughter to move, but also it is able to show data of his fitness progress. Also, we are able to count how much calories she burns as well as how much she consumes; this helps us to create a healthy diet plan for our kid.