A few years ago, most people didn’t even know dead lifts existed let alone knew the proper way to perform them.  

Now, deadlifts (just like squats) are a staple of many people’s training routines. As with anything that gains in popularity, a lot of misconceptions spring up about the deadlift.

Misconceptions about the dead lift eventually turn into popular stories, or big myths, that many people believe and it holds them back from doing better on the deadlift; or stops them from doing the exercise at all.

Here you will read about an outline of some common deadlift myths and why they aren’t true.

Deadlifts Hurt Your Lower Back

The myth that deadlifts hurt your lower back is perhaps the number one deadlift myth.

Yes, incorrect form CAN hurt your back, and very badly.

However, most injuries occur for two reasons.

The first is a lifter lets their ego get in the way and they attempt to lift WAY more than they can handle and end up using terrible form that hurts them. You shouldn’t be like this lifter!

Second, most people’s lower backs are simply weak from lack of activity. Most people sit all day at work and home. The majority of people who start working out have weak backs due to their lifestyles.

The best way to fix a weak lower back?

Dead lifts.

Using Lifting Straps Makes You Weaker

The idea that using lifting straps makes you weaker is a very misinformed idea.

Your back is one of the strongest muscle groups in your body. So, it can handle a lot more weight than your hands and arms are able. Lifting straps allow you to continue lifting a heavier weight that your back muscles can handle that maybe your grip strength needs to catch up with.

Deadlifts Can Only Be Performed a Certain Way

The truth is you can get the same benefits of doing conventional deadlifts doing ANY variety of deadlifts.

When you think of deadlifts, chances are you think of pulling a weighted barbell off the floor in one straight line.

This isn’t the only way to perform the exercise and work those muscles!

Straight leg deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, dumbbell deadlifts, rack pulls; these are only a few deadlift variations that you should try out. Experiment and see which ones work best for YOU.

You Need to Do Dead lifts

This might be a controversial myth.

The truth is you don’t need any one exercise to be considered strong or to look good.

The deadlift is simply one of many exercises to reach whatever your end goal might be. If you want to be a competitive powerlifter, then yes you will need to deadlift.

If you just want to get stronger and get in shape, but have some prior injuries, than there’s absolutely nothing wrong with substituting another exercise for the deadlift.

Before you drop the exercise completely, check out the variations above to see if any of those work well for you. Otherwise, you can do back hyper extensions and kettle bell swings to help work out your lower back without dead lifting.

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