It is hard to imagine the massive effect that the microscopic mold that exist in our environment have on us. They may be difficult to see but the damage that they do if they are unchecked is difficult to easily undo.

A humid climate such as that of Florida is very conducive to the growth of mold. It is imperative that inspection for the growth of mold be carried out regularly in all buildings, residential or office. You should also have your water pipes checked for breaks and rust which may lead to leakage and water damage. Excessive condensation and accumulation of water at any place may also lead to the growth of mold. It is very important to ensure that your premises are kept as dry as possible to prevent water damage and mold.

If mold has already made an appearance you can see it as black or grey patches on the surface of walls or ceiling. It feels and comes off like powder, is very light and can be blown off, but leaves a discoloration where it grows. Mold growing behind wall papers and vinyl may be brightly coloured like pink and orange.

Mold is a kind of fungus which once established grows swiftly, only needing the presence of water in the atmosphere. It releases spores which affect people and make them sick with allergies and infections. In fact, if you keep getting frequent colds, you may want to get the house checked for mold and water damage to see if it is allergies due to mold that you are suffering from. Other than allergies, toxic mold symptoms may include headaches, trouble in concentrating, short attention span, memory loss and dizziness.

Due to the climate in Florida, it is a good idea to have inspections done every year for water damage and such. This can be done once the rains are over for the year so that any effect of the rains can be caught in time. This way, any water damage restoration in Miami, FL that is needed can be done before it spreads too much and the expense too will be comparatively less if the damage is caught early. If there has been any prior water damage it is a best to have mold inspectors visit occasionally, so that any mold removal in Fort Lauderdale that is needed can be done. You can check under the sinks, carpets, in the insulations and air-ducts and clothes in cupboards more frequently as these places are rarely checked and are ideal places for the growth of mold.

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The author feels that many diseases caused by molds can be avoided by mold removal in Fort Lauderdale and is an avid advocate of early water damage restoration in Miami, FL to eradicate mold.