Would you like to have more customers, greater consistency in your sales and cashflow?  Are you afraid of getting a “no” and being rejected when you ask a potential customer for their business?  Do you want to convert your leads, prospects and enquiries into sales and make your business prosper?

The difference between business success and business failure lies in your ability to master self-promotion, which includes overcoming your fears of getting a “no” and learning how to sell yourself and your products, services and skills with integrity!  Here are seven ways you can turn your prospects, leads and enquiries into customers.

1.Abundance versus scarcity 

Creating abundance begins with your thinking.  You may have amazing business building strategies, yet if your mindset is one of lack (including lack of self belief), it will prevent you from applying the skills you know, leaving your business in the same financial situation or worse.  Having your beliefs and values aligned with abundance will enable you to develop an attraction mindset so that you can attract customers to you like a magnet!  

2.Watch your assumptions

What are you thinking and saying to yourself as you meet with prospects?  Are you thinking that they are not interested in your products, services and ideas or are you questioning the value you offer?  Research has shown that 80% of the people that walk into your store, call you on the phone or email you have already imagined owning a product or service like yours.  So you could be serving up to 80% of all prospects because if you don’t, your competitors will.  Imagine the impact on your bottom line if you had an 80% conversion rate!  Instead, if you assume that people are not interested, this can sabotage your business success.

3.Where is your focus?

What you focus on you will create.  How much of your focus, time and energy are you spending on the people who say “maybe” or “no” to you?  Too many people in business spend too much of their time on the “maybes” and the “nos”.  Because their focus is caught up with getting these prospects to buy, they have very little focus left for following up the prospects that are really interested, so they miss out on their business.  Remember spend most of your time with the prospects that are ready to buy now and have a system for following up the rest at another time as appropriate.

4.Build the relationship

Most people need more than one experience of you before they do business with you.  So rather than selling your product or service at the initial meeting, instead sell your relationship with them.  Build instant rapport, tailor your language to their preferred style, ask powerful questions and really listen to how you can best help them.

5.Serve the need

Selling isn’t about telling – it is about asking the right questions, in the right way and at the right time… so that you can best understand the prospect’s needs and how you can best serve these.  Reading your prospects more effectively, assisting them in their buying decisions and really understanding what makes them tick will also help you to serve them better.  Also remember that if there is no need, thank the prospect and find another customer.  After all, there are plenty of customers out there for all of us!

6.Follow through

It is only by following through and completing things that we achieve results.  Some people in business start strategies for generating leads, while others start to follow up and only see them through to partial completion.  The highly successful business people actually focus on a select number of strategies and follow each one through to completion and, therefore, achieve amazing results.  Put off procrastination and start following through your leads, prospects and enquiries and watch your sales grow!

7.Seal the deal

Fear of rejection or fear of getting a “no” is the major reason preventing people from asking for the prospects’ business and closing the sale. Research shows that 90% of business people have a fear of rejection which stops them short of asking for the sale.  Knowing exactly when to ask the prospect to buy from you in also very important.  Because if you ask too early, you can come across as being too pushy and if you ask too late, you can miss out on the sale and on serving your prospect altogether!

Importantly, using the above strategies will help you to turn your prospects, leads and enquiries into customers, and grow your business with integrity.


Dr. Vesna is an author, sought after speaker, and empowers aspiring and existing business owners to achieve exceptional success. For more techniques on mastering business success and for your FREE gifts, visit www.qttransformation.com and empower yourself today.