The automotive industry is facing the development trend of electrification, intelligence, networking, and sharing. The Audi A8 is equipped with an automatic driving with L3 level, an operating system with AI capability, adaptive suspension, all-wheel steering, mild-hybird Moving Sensor a series of cutting-edge automotive technology. The car will be opened at the end of this year in Europe, China is 2018 imports.

  L3-level automatic driving can achieve unmanned system completely control the vehicle, when the autopilot car can not determine the road conditions need to ask people or need to take over the human, the speed will slow down, waiting for the human response to the vehicle or take over the vehicle. The new A8 has also become the world's first car-class level of light-emitting vehicle production car. Four front and rear four sides installed four mid-range millimeter-wave radar; before and after the car standard, left and right rearview mirror, the front windshield 5 installed five cameras; front and rear bumper, four rounds Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of the eye there are 12 An ultrasonic radar. Plus directly used to detect the external environment there are 22 sensors. Of course, like pressure sensors, light sensors, gravity sensors, rainfall sensors and so on. Sensors, the central driving auxiliary control system by the Audi and Delphi, NVIDIA, TTTech, Mobileye cooperation, equipped with NVIDIA's GPU, Mobileye's EyeQ series of visual chips, and communication modules.

  At present, many technology companies and OEMs are driving the car on the road time locked in about 2020, but Audi is pre-emptive in mid-2017 launched the first to carry a L3-class automatic driving the new A8, the move even Bittra should be fast, but also lead to the new electronic car intelligent shock. The automobile industry is facing the development trend of electrification, intelligence, networking, and sharing. Many companies outside the industry are hoping Temperature Sensor to get a share. But if the semiconductor growth rate and the growth of electronic systems to maintain the current gap, the end of a day the value of semiconductor products accounted for the proportion of electronic systems will reach a very high proportion.