German luxury car brand Audi is about to take the lead in the global Sensor auto driving car market, and because of the legislative and regulatory areas there are many uncertainties, other competitors are not anxious to follow up.

  At this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi launched an A8 sedan that supports autopilot in some environments, which automatically changes lanes, which do not require the driver to focus on the road ahead, but for safety reasons the driver must sound Immediately take over the vehicle. If the full manual driving car is rated as 0 level, fully automatic driving car was rated as 5, then this time the Audi A8 car is 5 automatic driving models, before Tesla Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and General Motors launched the automatic driving The car can only be considered two automatic driving models.

      In order to get rid of the parent company as soon as possible the impact of the public group scandal, Audi need a very prestigious and suitable for the market to promote a wide range of models. Prior to this, almost every place of the automatic driving car in the road before the need to get special approval, and the outside world for automatic driving vehicles in case of emergency can be how long the vehicle control will be returned to the driver, Automatic driving into the effective stage who will be responsible for the safety of the two major issues are questioned, some competitors do not think the autopilot car market has been ready to take off. There is a feature called 'traffic jam pilot' in the new function of the new A8 sedan, which allows the vehicle to fully drive automatically at a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour during Speed Sensor the lane drive. Audi is expected in 2018 or 2019 to make all of its models support autopilot. Audi spokesman said during the Frankfurt Motor Show, automatic driving car on the road need to pass each country approved by Germany, Germany will be the first to issue a grant order of the country.

   Audi hopes to go beyond Tesla, the latter's Autopilot technology because the user in the course of the use of the accident caused by car accident by the parties accused. At the same time, Audi will also GM as a driver of the field of automatic driving, the latter's Super Cruise function will be officially launched this fall, when the vehicle in some restricted road high-speed driving, Super Cruise function allows motorists conditional Hands away from the steering wheel.

   Florida has passed legislation to allow all forms of autopilot to drive on the road without insurance, while New York is the other extreme, requiring the driver to ensure that at least one hand during driving Hold the steering wheel. In Europe, Germany has become one of the pioneers in the promotion of automatic driving technology. In May this year, the German parliament passed a legislation, which stipulated that as soon as a certified driver was sitting in the car, the car was allowed to use the autopilot function. However, individual models that support autopilot Throttle Position Sensor are required to obtain regulatory approval before they leave the road. German politicians want to persuade the EU to encourage more regular regulatory measures to accelerate the promotion of autopilot cars, and Berlin also hopes that when the autopilot vehicles near the border between the EU countries should not be closed or modify the parameters.
   Audi promised to use any of its own accident in the process of automatic driving technology, by the Audi company full responsibility, which is Audi in the field of uncertainty to solve the bold attempt, although will pay the corresponding price. Unlike the second generation of autopilot technology, the third generation in theory means that when the car enters the autopilot mode, the driver no longer needs to monitor the road condition. But the urgency of the driver to switch to the possibility of manual operation in a timely manner limits the driver's choice of activities in his spare time. The risk may be that the driver is too relieved. The third generation of autopilot technology to the driver outlined a expectation, that is, in the computer control of the car under the premise of sitting in the back quietly enjoy reading is also possible. Automatic driving mode has long been widely used in civil aviation aircraft, but with the road driving different, the pilot usually have enough time to respond. Toyota's Leroy talked about 'a plane suddenly appeared in front, and you only have 2 seconds to avoid the collision time, this situation is almost impossible in the air, but on the ground, it is possible.'

   The world's largest supplier of automotive technology Bosch Group, said the third generation of automatic driving technology still has a huge market demand. At the show, however, it did not talk about autopilot, but rather focused Pressure Switch on specific technologies that could solve specific problems, such as the automated valet parking garage developed by Daimler, a Mercedes-Benz manufacturer, in Stuttgart , Is expected to be put into use next year.