Design inspiration from life but higher than life, colorful, pleasant, vibrant design concept so that the product is full of spirituality. 2017 Audi Design Exhibition at the 751 D · Park Beijing Fashion Design Plaza, Audi China Building opened. The design exhibition will showcase Sensor a variety of innovative materials to create the design works, and to the special face as the theme, all-round wake-up visitors touch, visual, auditory, taste and sense of smell. These works break the people on the future of science and technology have the supremacy of the cold alienated stereotypes. Also together with the scene, as well as well-known designers at home and abroad, to bring the design exhibits is feast for the eyes.
   At this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, the Audi brand also brought a new AICON concept car, while the new car positioning as a pure electric vehicle, the unique appearance of the future will affect the Audi new product design style. In addition, just recently listed a new generation of Audi A8, also used this combination of intelligent materials technology, body use of aluminum, high strength steel, metal magnesium Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and other materials to build, enhance the safety of the body and driving comfort, Audi design in the sense of touch, smell and visual and other aspects of product development design.

   Embrace the plan is in this year's Audi design exhibition by the Chinese interactive designer Wang Yilin brought works. Through the use of new tactile materials and electronic elements to create a device to provide interactive experience to sensory feedback and other sensory stimulation to give the experiential psychological satisfaction and passion, so that people can feel their own and the external environment cordial The feeling of blending. The cloud plant uses a device that can continuously spit large bubbles, from top Temperature Sensor to bottom slowly falling to the ground, the bubble burst after the smoke spread out, showing a process from scratch, and from there to no. At the bottom of the cloud factory also to aroma as a material to create a virtual and realistic sensory space, and the perfect blend of cloud factory. The whole work is intended to make the visitors shuttle, get the visual experience of fragrance, light and shadow, and through a multi-dimensional sensory interaction in a wonderful magic situation.

   Digital species is a very experimental work, a life program in the 3D space to borrow the simulated life of the digital language, although the generation is not necessarily conscious, but can simulate the evolution of life. The work of the number of materials, to create a number of virtual world of biological, and thus be regarded as a different perspective on the future.
Huang Xiaodai the exhibition of a series of works. The use of 3D technology and surface velvet technology in the field of jewelry design a new attempt to create jewelry into the field of unknown creatures, is to call people to watch this variation at the same time, appreciate the hidden behind the ecological environment crisis.
   Any product is inseparable from the design of the elements, and a good product must have been forgotten by the characteristics of people. Audi brand technology and design integration, from the launch of a new generation of A8 will be Speed Sensor able to see a lot of innovative design concepts, and with the development of technology and customer vision, innovation will be the future car prices will do a homework The.