In fact, from the beginning of the layout of the unmanned start of the car, the major car prices Sensor are in the smart car, unmanned, automatic driving force, including, Volvo, Audi, BMW and so on. But since the beginning of this year, Baidu, Continental Group and other non-automotive industry has announced to get involved in the field of automatic driving, since the beginning of the car broke the monopoly of automatic driving technology pattern.

    Hyundai Motor has brought its latest product of automatic driving, IONIQ automatic driving car, the biggest highlight of this product is that modern IONIQ laser radar hidden behind the front of the IONIQ bumper instead of using the conventional roof installation, so that retained New car fashion modeling. At the technical level, modern IONIQ is able to pass safely in the most challenging situations, including high traffic pedestrian traffic, parking lights and road signs, road construction and roadblocks, deceleration zones, dogs, children and even crossroads fuel metering valve without traffic lights mouth. In order to better user experience, Hyundai also brought the modern IONIQ autopilot car VR experience, allowing the audience to stay at home can enjoy the fun of automatic driving.

  Germany's leading transportation industry manufacturer, Continental Group, announced at the show that a new generation of environmental models will be developed to further improve the accuracy and safety of autopilot vehicles. Mention the mainland group you may feel a little strange, but mention Ma brand tires can be described as a household name, but you know they are in the automotive science and technology achievements can not be overlooked, as early as the beginning of the 2017CES, the mainland group announced the development of a new generation of environmental models , And this 2017CESA mainland to bring the latest research and development results. The environmental model is one of the core components Temperature Sensor of the autopilot vehicle. The environmental model is divided into pavement, static object and dynamic object. For dynamic objects, not only to detect but also to track its trajectory. It is reported that a new generation of environmental models will be more real, more accurate perception and assessment of the surrounding environment, improve the automatic driving system.

  National Energy Electric Sweden Limited (NEVS) for the first time demonstrated the InMotion concept. InMotion is not a concept car, but a vision for the future of the city travel. The two core points are, automatic driving and personalized mobile travel space. NEVS InMotion is based on the fifth level of automatic driving and can be easily and efficiently traveled to large cities without the need for a driver. For interior space, NEVS InMotion pursues maximum space utilization in the car, and InMotion offers a ride experience that meets different needs, whether on business or business meetings or with friends and family.

    Baidu's general manager of smart car business Gu Wei-hao focuses on Baidu 'Apollo Plan' (Apollo Plan) - Baidu will be the automotive industry and automatic driving partners to provide an open, complete and secure software platform to help them Vehicles and hardware systems, and quickly build a complete set of their own automatic driving system. In addition, he will introduce the 'Apollo program' behind Pressure Sensor the strategy and industry cooperation plan. Baidu open source automatic driving technology has become a global auto driving milestone event, will further reduce the unmanned car research and development threshold, leading the industry to create the first complete, open unmanned platform.
Baidu IDG intelligent driving Baidu IDG intelligent driving in the 2017CESA N-3 Museum south of Baidu has a dedicated for automatic driving test site, during the show carrying a Baidu automatic driving technology Hover H7 for the experience, Baidu IDG intelligent driving The biggest highlight of the system is that it does not require the traditional millimeter wave or laser radar and a variety of sensors covered around the body, relying only on a camera in the windshield down the camera, you can complete the automatic driving demonstration. This is a milestone for the promotion of the autopilot industry.

   NeuV electric car is developed by Honda and Softbank's company Cocoro SB, through the Cocoro SB's AI cloud computing technology, and Honda together Throttle Position Sensor  to develop an emotional exchange with the owner and can make independent judgments of intelligent driving car.