Although the first half of the passenger car production growth slowed down significantly, but many parts enterprises mainly supply Geely, Chuan Qi, Roewe and other high-growth independent brands; the same time, some companies benefit from heavy truck sales growth, in general, parts enterprises The performance growth rate remains high. The performance Sensor of more than 100% of the company has eight, respectively, for the new spring shares, are wins electronics, Dengyun shares, Guangqi technology, Miles Yang, Weichai power, Guangdong ambitious, West instrument shares.

  A wide range of auto parts industry, the industry chain is longer, but the quality of the characteristics of similar parts and components: or binding quality customers, the automotive industry supporting the relationship between the general long-term stability, high-quality accessories business customers can grow together; or seize the industry high Growth period, the formation of a huge scale of production capacity. According to the China Automobile Industry Association in the first half, passenger car sales 11.253 million, an increase of only 1.6%, slower than the same period last year slowed 7.62 percentage points. But the market share of independent brand passenger cars higher than the same period last year, sales of 4.94 million, an increase of 4.3%; accounted for 43.9% of total passenger car sales, share increased by 1.14 percentage points over the same period last year. Although the first half of this year, passenger car production growth slowed, but taking into account some of the major parts Temperature Sensor and components business mainly supply Geely, Chuan Qi, Roewe and other high-growth independent brands, while some enterprises benefit from heavy truck sales growth, the first half of the enterprise Performance growth remains high.

  At the same time, Foton Motor, BYD, China Passenger car 3 vehicle companies have been disclosed semi-annual report performance notice. From the disclosure of data, Foton Motor due to the sale of equity assets to net profit rose 50%, BYD net profit fell 20.3%, China Merchants net profit fell 75% year on year, the overall not optimistic. Auto parts in the automotive industry chain upstream, downstream demand conduction to the upstream there is time lag. Benefit from the end of last year, car sales surge, the first half of this year, auto parts business performance beautiful. Since January 1, 2018, 1.6L and below the purchase Throttle Position Sensor tax incentives for passenger cars will be resumed at 10% tax rate, is expected by the end of 2017 on the car demand overdraft will give 2018 car sales caused by greater pressure, auto zero Parts enterprises will also face greater pressure.