The active brake system, in the various car brands there, may be called different names, but the function is probably the same. Through the sensor to perceive the front of the road conditions in the system to determine the driver did not brake awareness of the case, first through the instrument flash or sound alarm to remind, if the driver did not respond, the car will Sensor automatically brake, to avoid accidents. Active braking technology is a stage result of the development of automobile brake technology. Technical staff began to reduce the braking distance and the development of ABS, and then found that if you can control the brakes, but also do a lot of things. For example, to reduce the flick out of control, developed the ESP; to prevent rollover, come up with the RSC; on the downhill to prevent the car, come up with HDC and so on. In the final analysis, these technologies are achieved through the control of the brakes. And automatic braking, the same brake to achieve.

From the brake technology itself, to engage in automatic braking, than to achieve those in front of those technologies even easier - if you need to feel the need for automatic braking, four wheels together on the line thing. And ESP this, have to achieve different wheels of different braking force, the difficulty is even greater. But the automatic brake is on the perception. Car to determine the vehicle may be out of control need to activate ESP, the sensor technology is now mature, to determine the eighteen nine never leave ten. And to Suction Control Valve achieve automatic braking, the difficulty may be much larger, because the car to know not only their own state, but also to know the road around the complex road conditions, and make the right judgments, the difficulty is big.

Now the automatic braking, like a kindergarten child, can not correct life, the key is to see how you give him a kind of subject, the problem is more simple, do the greater the chance of doing the better. Automatic braking is good, and the complexity of road conditions are directly related. If the road is simple, then it determines the correct rate is higher, it is better to use. If the road is complicated, then he will only like a child, as a direct force. Why the European and American countries of the various crash tests, the automatic brake as a sub-item? Because the past accident analysis shows that if you can brake in advance, then it will greatly reduce the occurrence of the accident. But this is based on Europe and the United States Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and other countries of the traffic accident analysis and analysis, not necessarily suitable for our road conditions. To China over the past few years the speed of car production and sales, there are few companies based on our traffic done what study, and ultimately will let the automatic braking technology, we seem so acclimatized, more like tasteless.

There are automatic driving technology to achieve the way, most of the technology is based on the current speed and distance, according to the collision time to the degree of risk division. It judged 3 seconds Pressure Sensor may be knocked down, it came to a voice prompt; it to determine 1 second to hit, and quickly to an automatic brake.