Unmanned field of dark horse company intellectual respect for the automatic driving car, unmanned sightseeing car and new automatic parking system. Among them, automatic driving car, unmanned sightseeing car Sensor has now begun to accept reservations, and can also provide high, medium and low series of products.

Automatic driving car with independent research and development of automatic driving technology, is the world's first automatic driving business car, and has been verified by a rigorous car, automatic driving test time of more than 200 hours, automatic driving total mileage of more than 3000 km. Technically very leading, the entire unmanned system to modular architecture and flexible configuration for the idea, according Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to the node plus virtual bus design ideas, to achieve in the structured road on the automatic driving. In the configuration, this automatic driving car integrated laser radar, millimeter-wave radar, camera, GPS and IMU combination positioning system and other sensors, to achieve the road environment and the vehicle itself, the state of accurate perception.

This automatic driving car to achieve a variety of powerful features. The core is the self-tracking, according to a planning path, to keep track in the planning trajectory; secondly, overtaking overtaking, when the car in front of the driveway for a long time slow driving, and the left lane to meet the changing conditions, From the lane change line beyond the front of the vehicle, completely beyond and then automatically return to the driveway; then cruise control, when the car drive in front of the driveway without a vehicle or other obstacles, the car according to the current road properties at a constant speed. In the automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise, semi-automatic parking, APP interaction also performed excellence. When the car in front Temperature Sensor of a sudden pedestrian or other obstacles, the car will automatically emergency braking, to avoid the occurrence of the collision, so that the safety of passengers can be effectively protected; when the car running lane in front of the vehicle, the car to a safe distance to follow the car (Maximum speed 60km / h); semi-automatic parking function allows the car can be set according to the parking point in advance, calm parking entry; and the user can use a dedicated mobile phone APP and the car to interact: autopilot, temporary parking, Speed ​​and other functions can be achieved through the mobile phone APP.

The current people's living standards have a qualitative leap, more and more people choose to travel to enrich their own amateur life, the tourism industry has been an unprecedented development, the formation of a great potential market. Playing in the scenic area is bound to want to watch every attraction, walking to sightseeing every spot is a time-consuming and laborious things, and as a scenic resort sightseeing car is a good choice.

This product is mainly used in scenic spots, theme parks, campuses and other places, and to achieve the automatic driving, mobile phone about the car, automatic charging, automatic parking, the use of low-speed unmanned sightseeing car, Car and voice control and other functions. In the configuration is very advanced, especially the environmental perception part. The environmental perception part consists of a 16-wire laser radar, a differential GPS, a front camera, 8 ultrasonic radars, and an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification System). 16-line laser radar for the detection of long-range obstacles in front; camera detection of forward visual information for lane line detection, pedestrian identification and Speed Sensor  vehicle identification, while information fusion with the radar to improve the visibility of the front obstacles to ensure traffic safety; Ultrasonic radar combined with GPS to achieve the positioning and identification of parking spaces to achieve efficient and accurate automatic parking function; through the cloud communication and RFID processing vehicle into the station information, and mobile terminal APP communication to achieve the user about the car function; the top of the vehicle to install solar energy Charging board, can achieve 400 watts of charging needs; vehicle back-end installed with a system controller to achieve voice control and the entire system of data processing.

This low-speed unmanned sightseeing car has six functions: automatic driving, automatic charging, voice control, automatic parking, mobile phone jogging, emergency braking and so on. Based on the automatic driving function, through the millimeter-wave radar, camera and other sensors, and then the information fusion, the front of the target distance and relative speed and other information, and finally by the control of the bottom of the steering, braking and throttle to achieve automatic driving. In addition, by customizing the solar panel, and installed in the top of the vehicle, during the day can be automatically charged, in order to achieve the vehicle's automatic charging. With regard to voice control, this sightseeing car is through the use of mobile phone voice recognition system to identify specific semantic information, and then through the WIFI module will be identified information sent to the system controller, in order to achieve vehicle voice control. And can locate the parking area through GPS, and with the use of ultrasonic technology for fine positioning of parking spaces to avoid dynamic or static obstacles to complete the automatic parking. More convenient is that the user can also send the request through the mobile terminal to the cloud, after the cloud processing and scheduling, people can automatically come to the location of the vehicle to the specified location to the user to specify the destination, complete the phone about the car function.

Zhi Zun Bao automatic parking system is very advanced in the function, the current market, automatic parking system can only liberate the driver's hands, but the throttle and brake also need man-made control, and Zhi Zun Bao a new generation of automatic parking The system can completely liberate the driver's hands and feet, to achieve automatic parking. When the driver starts the automatic parking system, the driver is parked through the mobile phone APP, the default is the right parking. When the parking method is selected and the parking system is activated, the system will perform automatic parking. The vehicle before the parking spaces to detect, when found suitable for parking spaces, automatic braking of the vehicle, hanging up and down, adjust Throttle Position Sensor the steering wheel, into the parking spaces until the vehicle posture adjustment is appropriate to complete the parking or process the driver turns the steering wheel Brake, the system interrupted parking operation, automatic exit, the system into the driver control mode.

Automatic parking system has been able to do so excellent task, in addition to the perfect software system, it is dependent on the body cycle installation of 12 ultrasonic radar system, Hall sensors, control units and other hardware facilities, when the parking process of ultrasound When the sensor fails or the driver is forced to intervene, the brake pedal is stepped on. The system automatically exits the parking process and prompts the driver to take over the vehicle to ensure the safety of the passengers.

   Domestic exploration in the field of unmanned driving is also advancing by leaps and bounds. As a domestic unmanned field of a dark horse, Zhi Zun Bao is a focus on intelligent driving system, unmanned system, automotive active safety system research and development and application areas, the Department of new intelligent high-tech enterprises. In the large-scale application of automatic driving, intellectual respect than the mainstream step to go faster, the first to achieve the world's first automatic driving car products R \u0026 D, of course, like intellectual Zengbao this innovative and pragmatic business, dare to put forward and The practice of intelligent unmanned vision, but also that the company already has enough technical reserves.

Zhizhong Bao has been able to achieve such impressive results, thanks to the company's huge talent pool, brought together a group of creative talents of excellence, in addition to return to Dr. and graduate students, there are from key research institutes The senior industry experts to participate in the company's technology development and business management. In addition, with some well-known universities, research institutes and state-level experts to establish a depth of technical cooperation. The unmanned driving system developed by Pressure Switch ourselves is the perfect integration of the automatic driving software platform and the hardware platform on the bottom of the car. Through the accumulation of the previous technology, the vehicle has been mastered the design of the unmanned vehicle system, Driving key components output and driving cerebellum application and other core technology, greatly enhance the car perception ability. The future, intellectual respect will be intelligent driving, car active safety system more efforts to invest, the overall layout of artificial intelligence, intelligent driving large data industry services, industrial promotion.