From the technical level to achieve automatic driving and the real application of automatic driving is completely different. At this stage the most viable option may be like a bus lane, as to open up a special automatic driving lane, the automatic driving vehicles Sensor and human driving vehicles completely separate. After all, first-tier cities have a higher population density, coupled with first-tier cities, consumers are relatively more receptive to new technologies, and have stronger purchasing power, which can lead to higher efficiency and promotion in the early stages of autopilot. In fact, compared with ordinary motor vehicle drivers, there is another group of 'Shen of God' in the Divine Land, that is, pedestrian and non-motor vehicle drivers who disregard traffic regulations. Running a red light, not according to the provisions of the drive, free change and so on. Ghost probe this for the normal driving of the motor is simply no solution, completely unavoidable. Although the traffic regulation and the normal judgments are pedestrians full responsibility, but because of some unspeakable reasons, traffic police generally let the motor vehicle bear some responsibility. As long as the motor vehicle and pedestrian or non-motor vehicle hit, whether you have no responsibility, you have to lose.

According to the provisions of Article 76 of Article 6 of China: motor vehicles and non-motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians between traffic accidents, non-motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians are not fault, by the motor vehicle side of the liability; Evidence to prove that non-motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians have fault, according to the degree of fault appropriate to reduce the liability of motor vehicle side; motor vehicle side is not wrong, bear not more than 10 percent of the liability. At this point the driver of the vehicle is the vehicle itself, the vehicle is the perpetrators, the compensation Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor for the wounded whether the task is on the car body it? Therefore, in the existing laws and regulations is difficult to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of motor vehicle drivers, and the possibility of accidents and consequent compensation issues, if there is no clear legal provisions, there is no clear division of responsibility, then it is foreseeable, automatic driving Will bring a series of social problems.

Heavy challenge, the driving problem is still suspicious, automatic driving really in the Divine land everywhere blossom it? But the law is still on the automatic driving vehicles on the road a lot of detailed provisions, such as the test driver must have a full-time driver to monitor, but the driver's hands to leave the steering wheel. In addition, the legislation also requires a car fuel metering valve with automatic driving function to install a similar aircraft 'black box' device to ensure that in the event of a traffic accident can be clearly defined responsibilities.

  Tesla has acquired the data collected in the form of 'short video' through an external camera sensor that has sold the vehicle and is used to assist in the development of its own driving technology. Autopilot does provide a lot of convenience for occupants and can significantly reduce the probability of a traffic accident in the context of a mature technology; the development conditions required for autopilot are too idealistic. Whether it is their own hardware, road conditions, traffic participants and laws and regulations, have made a very high demand. Automatic driving Speed Sensor the technology is ultimately survival or destruction, the outcome is not in the hands of technology companies and car manufacturers, but rather the whole society, including the degree of consumer acceptance for automatic driving, the overall quality of traffic participants and policy makers Finalized.