Automatic driving 'concept to promote people's vision; coupled with a lot of technology companies at home and abroad have been automatically driving Sensor the vehicle into the open road on the road test, this seemingly tall technology seems to overnight Change at your fingertips.

   DeepMap is a technology company in the field of automatic driving, the company's main business is the development of high-precision map. The precision of the drawing technology can reach centimeter level, the system also supports the automatic positioning of the automatic driving vehicles, vehicles in the DeepMap platform can share real-time Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor information between each other updates. And these are essential for automatic driving is an auxiliary condition.

  Germany has passed legislation to drive the car for automatic driving, and in the future Germany will allow the vehicle autopilot system to be tested in public roads, which is also the first law in Germany on the autopilot. But the law is still on the automatic driving vehicles on the road a lot of detailed provisions, such as the test driver must have a full-time driver to monitor, but the driver's hands to leave the steering wheel. In addition, the legislation Temperature Sensor also requires a car with automatic driving function to install a similar aircraft 'black box' device to ensure that in the event of a traffic accident can be clearly defined responsibilities.

  Automated driving in our country will face all the difficulties, exposing the automatic driving in the development of some fatal obstacles. Compared with ordinary maps, high-precision map contains the number of lanes, lane line type, lane width and other details, and the vehicle through their own camera visual processing, radar probe, satellite positioning technology, combined with high-precision map known The number of lanes converted into the car driving lanes, so as to complete the lane to maintain work.
Tesla's software upgrade for the Autopilot hardware suite. Through the sales of vehicles outside the camera sensor to 'short video' in the form of data collected, and to help its automatic driving technology research and development. Tesla's desire to collect such video information is intended to help its autopilot system better identify lane lines, road signs, and other visual cues that need to be identified by means of data collection like crowdsourcing. And according to Tesla official statement, the video is collected and the car is not directly associated with the acquisition, so even if hackers break the data system, it may not be able to find the source of the data. At this stage Tesla autopilot is actually only two automatic driving, it can do is only in the automatic state to maintain the current lane driving and semi-automatic state under the lane transformation. In other words, Tesla can automatically travel, is entirely dependent ABS Sensor on the camera on the road marking and radar for the distance around the car to judge, if the Tesla thrown into a road without a road and no front and rear cars on the road, the so-called Of the autopilot function directly blinded. And want to achieve the true sense of the automatic driving, that is, five automatic driving, then one of the most basic conditions is to let the vehicle know their precise location, and on this basis, the vehicle can carry out a series of more advanced operations The

Automatically driving a car requires precise drawing and positioning of technical support to build higher safety and more efficient vehicle decision making. The deployment of a high-precision map platform is very expensive, tough and time-consuming. Unlike normal maps, high-precision maps contain too many elements, and the quality requirements are high, resulting in a work that is a rejuvenation, coupled with the mileage, intensity, and complexity of our network Far more than abroad, leading to want to draw a nationwide high-precision map almost became a super project. Any map mapping behavior is required to be reported in advance, and after approval to be carried out, because the map information directly related to homeland security, not to mention the information so detailed high-precision map.

   Tesla through their own models of car camera to record short video, in order to help improve the automatic driving technology. In this regard, most people think of the first time is their own privacy and security, including their own whereabouts will be Tesla monitoring, the video is captured by the heart of the hackers are monitored. Automated driving security problems are far more than privacy. That is, the vehicle does not rely on the driver's own operation Throttle Position Sensor to complete the process of running, it means that the computer on the whole car in the hardware level to enjoy 100% control. Once the system of the autopilot vehicle is cracked, the entire car becomes a large remote control car, and then the 'Super 8' in the scene may be really staged. If the autopilot can drive completely on the road, there is no doubt that the biggest trouble they encounter will be the vast number of human drivers.

At this stage, for an autopilot vehicle, in addition to the normal cruise, the completion of change, turn and other operations in the technical level can be completed. But do not forget that the road is not only you a car, once the automatic driving vehicle really came to open the road, then it will face the countless human drivers driving the vehicle. Perhaps the future of unmanned driving can be accumulated in the large data to learn more multi-dimensional driving behavior, but at this stage, just rely on the radar to determine the traffic unmanned more like just dead firmly in front of the internship driver The Human pilot wants to change the way, the first thing is of course to see the rearview mirror, confirm the safety car from behind to turn the lights, and then complete the lane process. For the automatic driving vehicle is the same, first use the radar to detect the rear vehicle distance, calculate the speed difference between the two sides to confirm the security can be carried out after the change action.

In accordance with the traffic density of large cities in China, and then take into account the current domestic driver's driving habits, unless the yellow calendar reads today to travel, all the way to meet are just take a driver's license Pressure Switch  to see the steering lights on the brakes rookie, otherwise I There is reason to believe that autopilot vehicles can run on Beijing's N-ring for a day, simply because the human driver is forced to fail. And this is only the simplest way to change the way, not to mention the intersection turn, narrow lane and so easy to interfere with the human driver a series of actions.