In recent years, automatic driving has been one of the major projects for the continued development of the world's car dealers, especially after Tesla autopilot has launched the road, no one is struggling to catch up and start a fierce technical competition. Which Audi also said it would provide A7 in Munich, Germany, automatic driving experience, while Nissan will be introduced in North America ProPilot system. Tesla under the North American regulations Sensor to modify, in the case of permission to be able to implement its automatic driving system, but it has long been caused by the industry or technology manufacturers have autopilot competition, which Audi is not to be outdone, not only in the global gong tight Drums are tested, including Shanghai, or the European region. To ensure that their own technology to meet all the road conditions, and even a new generation of Audi flagship model A8 also shows that already have level 3 automatic driving technology.

Divide the autopilot system from 0 to 5.

 0: without any auxiliary system, the driver is fully responsible for driving the vehicle.

1: vehicle configuration Some auxiliary systems to assist the driver, such as cruise control, lane maintenance and so on, mainly to the driver of the road conditions to judge and operate.

 2: Under certain conditions, the vehicle can drive on its own, but the driver still needs to respond to the demand of the vehicle. For example, the driver's hand is required to hold the steering wheel and keep his attention. At present, most of the autopilot systems are Level 2.

3: the vehicle for some specific situation has been broadly grasp, the driver can temporarily leave the front section of the road, his hands do not have to hold the steering wheel, know the system encountered Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor a sudden situation, the need for the driver to take over the vehicle. (Audi A8 Traffic Jam Pilot is this stage.)
 4: In principle, the owner only need to be responsible for starting the system or ordered, the vehicle will be able to complete all driving operations, the driver basically do not take into account the vehicle driving conditions.

5: complete autopilot, basically no need to have human as a driver, the vehicle has been able to do all the human drivers to determine the behavior. And this stage for the social response to the reception is also a great challenge.

So the Audi A8 is equipped with the Traffic Jam Pilot system, allowing the driver to drive at speeds of up to 60km, traveling and expressway. The system will take over the steering, throttle and brakes of the vehicle Throttle Position Sensor  as the traffic moves forward. In the state of automatic driving, the driver can freely listen to songs or chat WeChat.