Over the past few years, MEMS sensors have gained a stable market in forced safety systems, such as electronic stability control systems and tire pressure monitoring systems. Beneficiary MEMS suppliers include gyroscopes, pressure sensors, accelerometers, and front Sensor and side airbag sensors. In addition, automotive engine applications MEMS devices are also growing steadily, mainly from the growing engine management and tail gas treatment applications. Automatic driving of the two lifelines: laser radar and visual image sensor

   The LiDAR system uses a rotating laser beam. BMW, Google, Nissan and Apple's unmanned test vehicle is used in this technology. But in order to mass production car application, the price must be significantly reduced. The industry generally believes that in a few years this goal can be achieved.

  The working principle of a lidar is achieved by transmitting and receiving a laser beam. In its interior, each set of components contains a transmitting unit and a receiving unit. The pulse light was previously used to detect the distance. The principle of the detection distance is based on the time of light return, the laser diode to send pulsed light, pulse light to the target after the reflection of a part of the light back Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor in the vicinity of the diode to install a photon detector, it can detect the return signal, And the time difference between the detection can calculate the distance of the target. Once the pulse distance measurement system is activated, a large number of point clouds can be collected.

If there is a target in the cloud, the target will show a shadow in the cloud. Through this shadow can measure the distance and size of the target. The 3D image of the surrounding environment can be generated by the point cloud. The higher the cloud density, the clearer the image.

Visual image sensor, now a very wide range of applications is the combination of 2D laser radar and visual sensors, but compared to the lidar, vision sensor low-cost characteristics, but also let it become an indispensable in the automatic driving solution exist.

Through the visual sensor image recognition technology to perceive the surrounding environment, for automatic driving, in addition to know where the location of what objects / pedestrians, and then as the vehicle issued a brake such as deceleration brake to avoid the accident function, Based on image recognition, to understand the current driving scene, and learn to deal with emergencies. Visual Sensor Workflow If the difficulty of a laser radar fuel metering valve is how to make its performance meet the needs of autopilot navigation, then the difficulty of the camera is from the perception of the process of high to high.

In analogy with the human eye, the human driver, after seeing the pedestrian or vehicle, will have a prejudgment against the next action of the pedestrian or vehicle based on the sight seen and control the vehicle according to the prejudgment. The autopilot also needs this 'prejudgment' process, and the camera plays the role of observation. Automated driving vehicles must Pressure Sensor be able to observe, understand, model, analyze and predict the behavior of people in the car, pedestrians, and nearby people.