Prior to working with Bosch, Mercedes-Benz has a total of about 500 people in the top engineering team, focusing on automatic driving vehicle research and development work. The difference between the two is that a team takes an evolutionary roadmap Sensor to upgrade the traditional vehicles step by step, while the other is designed in a more subversive and radical way. The diversity of practices and ideas naturally can, to a certain extent, ensure the speed and precision of the attack. An important factor in system efficiency is to have enough good and massive data to carry on one day of continuous feeding.

  In the parking lot to find a car to find the life you want to give up more than one of you, but really really have to try to solve this lot of parking lot, such as highlight the district with color, enhance the positioning system, such as reminders to take pictures, such as development search Car system, and so on ... ... can still be unable to eliminate everyone Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor into the parking lot to find the fear of parking spaces. The Mercedes-Benz and Bosch is the first car park to take over the 'nightmares' of the parking lot. The first parking lot is the famous underground parking lot of the famous Mercedes-Benz Museum.

  According to Mercedes-Benz and Bosch's schedule, when you visit the museum in 2018, as long as the car to the parking area, open the phone App in the automatic parking service, the rest of the work you do not need to worry about the work. The core of the package is the result of a sincere collaboration between Bosch's sensor arrays installed in the parking lot and communications services and Mercedes-Benz car driving technology. The project is the world's first fully automated parking solution based on intelligent infrastructure in the real world, and the Mercedes-Benz Museum has become the world's first approved unmanned parking pilot site. In addition to two powerful technical partners, the project has been tightly supervised Temperature Sensor by a number of industry agencies from the start, including the Stuttgart district administration, the Baden-Württemberg State Department and the German Rhine Group. The service must also be approved by the regulatory body before it is made available to the public.

  This project examines the communication technology between the vehicle and the infrastructure in depth. The sensor in the parking lot will be monitored in all directions in addition to the precise guidance of the vehicle, and the vehicle must ensure that the information transmitted by the sensor is accurate and safe Into a driving command. Through the current test, in addition to the 2018 museum visitors to enjoy the service, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch will also be to improve the infrastructure and vehicle communication interface, and the vehicle sensors and software to make the necessary adjustments, which is V2X Technology Center is one of the most important links. In the occupation Speed Sensor of the street, the first card parking lot of this particular low-speed scenes shot is also considered a wonderful chess: both to collect data, but also to save countless parking lot no azimuth in the dire straits, but also significantly improve the parking The efficiency of the use of the field.