At the Hobori test center in Nunton, England, Jaguar Land Rover exhibited a Range Rover version Sensor of a prototype with 4-level autopilot technology. Also shown are Ford and Tata's automatic driving and interconnected systems.

The demonstration of the Range Rover can be driven automatically, but still require the driver to supervise the traffic. In addition, this high-end SUV is said to be able to deal with ring road and crossroads, and 'in the simulation of urban roads on the traffic lights to respond.' Previously, the Jaguar Land Rover has demonstrated Level 2 and Level 3 autopilot technologies, but its ultimate goal Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor is Level 5, which means that the vehicle can perform all driving operations without a driver. For example, it can go to the parking lot on its own, but also can return to the passengers.

Jaguar Land Rover has also made some achievements in off-road vehicle driving technology, scanning the road sensor can detect the front 16.4 feet of terrain changes, while the terrain response system to make the appropriate adjustments. Exhibitors equipped with this terrain response system were exhibited last summer.

In short, Jaguar Land Rover wants to create a completely automatic driving car. In order to achieve this goal, the car manufacturer to Greenwich employees to provide a number of specialized equipment Jaguar Land Rover car, installed above a variety of sensors to record more people's actual driving habits. Using ABS Sensor  the information gathered, the company's engineers will make the system behave more like humans in response to normal and emergency situations.