Geely, chief executive officer of Geely European R \u0026 D center, said at the headquarters Sensor in Gothenburg, Sweden, the future use of autopilot technology to help avoid traffic accidents, even by 2020 can achieve traffic accidents casualties.

Geely European R \u0026 D Center in 2013 by the Chinese Geely Group and the Swedish Volvo car group was established, the purpose is to develop new technologies for the future car. Volvo, which has always focused on safety, will set up six safety barriers for cars in terms of passive safety, active safety Suction Control Valve and autopilot systems.

Fang Haohan said that by installing (automatic driving) systems in automobiles, such as sensors, radars and systems that read traffic conditions, they can still travel safely in very difficult traffic conditions, which largely avoids accidents Really reduce the risk of traffic accidents to almost zero. This is why Volvo made the vision of a zero casualty in 2020. Relying on cameras, sensors and other new technologies, cars can already drive on the highway and very safe. But in the big city or complex traffic conditions, automatic driving experience more challenges. The first step Temperature Sensor in the automatic driving promotion is likely to be a special lane in the city for the automatic driving of the vehicle, and with the relevant technology gradually mature, and then to achieve complex traffic conditions, automatic driving.