For many newcomers, parking or reversing is a frightening thing, especially for some large-scale, blind area larger models, and reversing radar can effectively reduce the risk of reversing, by issuing a warning sound or visual rear The situation reminds Sensor the owner of the situation after the car, so take the initiative to dodge to reduce the accident damage. Through the parking radar parking also need to participate in the full driver, and now more advanced and intelligent is the automatic parking assist system, through the radar probe and camera parking spaces to detect, and then automatically control the vehicle to complete the parking action.

   Such as the Mercedes-Benz B-class equipped with active parking assistance system, with the front and rear bumper installed on the 10 sets of ultrasonic sensors to achieve the auxiliary parking system. In the case of less than 36km / h speed, hit the lights to the system prompts the direction of parking, then the car will automatically  Temperature Sensor  hit the direction of parking, do not step on the throttle, but to control the brakes. Mercedes-Benz B-class active parking assistance system can only stop into the word parking spaces

The activation of the active parking assistance system is conditional, such as parking area longer than the body of 1.2 to 1.3 meters, the parking area must be the ideal roadside temporary parking that a row of cars in the side, lined up, like parking The kind of each car vertical parallel discharge, can not achieve this function.

While the public and Skoda also launched in the country equipped with PLA automatic parking assist system models, such as Skoda's Hao Rui and the public MAGOTAN and Tiguan. Its function and Mercedes-Benz active parking assistance system similar to the same need to control the throttle and brake. Chinese navigation system of the LCD screen, will directly display the relationship between the obstacles and the image of the vehicle, so that control becomes more simple. Lexus LS on the IPA intelligent parking assistance system in the functional to be more advanced. LS models with this system can not only automatically parked on the roadside parking spaces, even the vertical parking spaces are no problem, and through the center console touch screen drivers can be in the car after a number of parking spaces between their own choice of satisfaction, and then pay To the vehicle automatically parked, advanced nature is self-evident. Automatic parking, ACC adaptive cruise, 360-degree panoramic images Speed Sensor and other high-end models will have some high-tech configuration, the auxiliary braking system can be reminded by a safety car, before the collision warning, collision detection active braking three levels Security