The powerful Waymo team has finally focused on technology research and development, Waymo and the regulatory authorities to carry out its own driving vehicle to the police car identification and response strategy test. Waymo worked with the police station in Chandler, Arizona, to launch Sensor the industry's first emergency vehicle test day. 36 krypton learned that with the new sensor kit blessing, in the first emergency vehicle test day, regardless of day or night, Waymo automatic driving cars are successfully aware of the fire, bandits, ambulances and police motorcycles and even ' Undercover police car 'and other different models, so that these models first through and led the automatic driving car to make decisions. When these emergency vehicles travel around Waymo to drive the car around, the latter's sensor kit collects the relative speed, distance and angle of the two in order to create a database of autopilot 'visual' and 'auditory' to help automate the car More secure feedback on emergency vehicles on the road. The new sensor kit is enhanced in perception.

  Human drivers often perceive the direction from which the alarm sounds, and use it to control the car to make safer and more informed decisions. The obvious decision-making process is not so easy for the machine. The Waymo technical team is 'teaching' the autopilot to identify the direction of the alert, for example, when the autopilot is aware that the alarm is coming from the rear, the car will Automatic parking, polite police car; when the alarm came from the front of the car, the car will be in the intersection through, through here. In order Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to improve the perceived accuracy and breadth, the Waymo technical team has once again customized the sensor kit to redesign the audio detection system, which is to improve the 'driving' of the autopilot. In terms of visualization, through the custom vision system, Radar and Lidar Combine Boxes, Waymo Autopilot can be more 'see' emergency vehicles and warning lights, these advanced sensor kits make Waymo automatic driving cars can be real-time reliable detection of emergency vehicles; through these sensors to collect the database , And can continue to optimize the training software. The ultimate effect is that even an autopilot that never touches an emergency vehicle can still easily identify an emergency vehicle.

  The snow environment is recognized as one of the most challenging road conditions for autopilot vehicles, and the ability to drive a car in the snow environment is not even as much as night, for example, where the lidar is sensing the surroundings of the vehicle by transmitting and receiving laser beams, Said that the performance of the lidar at night will not be significantly reduced. But the snow contains two major characteristics: low temperature, the surrounding environment is small. This means that including the laser radar, camera, ultrasonic sensor will not only appear performance degradation, and access to effective data is also a serious decline. When the ground is snowy, the camera and the lidar fuel metering valve are hard to see the lane markings on the road, and the car needs to rely on these markers to prevent lane drift and achieve safe navigation. Snow also makes it more difficult to detect unexpected obstacles. Prior to that, the Waymo team had finished testing in almost all of the extreme weather conditions in Washington, Arizona, etc., in the evening, heavy rain, fog, dust, dust storms and so on.