Asian electronic consumer show opened in Shanghai, auto driving again became a hot topic. BMW Group is one of the car manufacturers who have made a clear timetable for automating driving, and combined with Intel and Mobileye Sensor to build an autopilot platform. Delphi also joined the alliance. The future of the car once the realization of the automatic driving, will be released for the occupant more disposable car time and space, car interior design will be redefined.

  Automatic driving technology after the rise of Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and other chip giants have invested heavily into this area. For Intel, NVIDIA and other chip companies, it can not get their own driving technology research and development, need to pull the OEM and auto parts business together, so the field of automatic driving vertical and horizontal start. International, automatic Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor driving into the early stage of alliance, the international giants have tried the water. On the domestic front, IT companies represented by Baidu are also accelerating the layout in the field of automatic driving to try to build an autopilot ecosystem. In the field of automatic driving, BMW, Intel's biggest competitor is the British Weida camp. Ying Weida camp, including Bosch, ZF and other auto parts suppliers, Tesla, Toyota, Audi and other OEMs, Baidu, TomTom and other map providers.

  From the structure of the members of the camp and the number of view, the structure of the British Weida camp is relatively perfect, more involved in the manufacturers, in the competitive situation slightly ahead. However, after joining Delphi, BMW Intel camp also formed a vehicle factory, supplier, chip factory portfolio structure, enhanced the strength of the camp, but as for the last who can be the first to launch a mass production on the road automatic driving system, full of variables. Delphi's franchise strengthens the strength of the league. In the field of automatic driving, Delphi has two major killer - sensor and MDC multi-domain controller, and launched a nearly mass production of automatic driving platform - CSLP central sensor positioning and planning platform.

  BMW built the ecosystem has three levels: the first to ensure that the core technology is owned by BMW itself. Through their own engineers to develop automatic driving algorithm, which is the company's internal fuel metering valve research capabilities. The second is the HD map with Mercedes-Benz, Audi together to acquire the HERE HD map business. The third is to build an ecosystem with suppliers, such as Intel to BMW to provide the necessary parts of the product. These different levels of different modules of the ecosystem together form a cooperative ecosystem.

  For the automotive industry, automatic driving can be said that the development of the automotive industry is now the most complex challenges, so automatic driving technology to achieve, and now the industry which many participants, all kinds of ideas are not unified, which highlights the automatic driving technology standardization How hard it is. In the global layout at the same time, BMW is also accelerating the localization of automatic driving technology in China. In the first camp of luxury cars, BMW has been rapid decision-making, flexible mechanism, action quickly and win. BMW early layout of pure electric vehicles, and in China and local battery companies Ningde era early to achieve strategic cooperation is a more typical case.
For how to truly standardize, BMW China Internet Driving Research Institute and autopilot co-vice president Luo Minghui said that when doing automatic driving technology to focus on the establishment Temperature Sensor of the entire ecosystem. 'We need to have such a center, so that each participant can be coordinated together, the most important is the interface between the various technologies, can be interoperable between different technologies, which is very critical.'

   In the field of intelligent network and automatic driving, different enterprises should play what role; different roles of the enterprise where the border, how to partner with the industry chain and even opponents; automatic driving has begun alliance and differentiation, and with the intelligent network Has been promoted to national strategy, the production and sale of Internet companies in China will abide by Chinese standards, cooperation with the Chinese local suppliers. In the field of intelligent networking and unmanned driving, both at home and abroad are trying to capture the high ground, we must do a good job as soon as possible to encourage innovative top-level design and Chinese standards. Vehicle business-led or IT companies dominate the automatic driving Speed Sensor of the ecosystem, etc., are very core issues. In this ecology will be vehicle companies, parts suppliers, map data providers, chip companies, and so the role of the participants design, of course, Baidu will open part of the technology and share with you.