At present, the global automotive industry usher in a new wave, new energy, car networking, ADAS technology is becoming a breakthrough in a number of industries, while consumers for automotive technology, environmental protection demands are increasing year by year, which also makes more and more Of the vehicle factory, high-end parts enterprises and technology-based Sensor enterprises have invested into the future of automotive technology research and development. And this array of 'wind' is also known as the 'China's auto industry benchmark' known as the Shanghai International Auto Industry Exhibition, many high-end parts enterprises without exception, exhibited its latest products and technologies, Ever since 'the future Has been 'has become the main tone of the automotive industry.

In this exhibition as the world's leading sensor and electrical protection solutions provider Sena tower technology is also continuing to force, not only exhibited its mature passenger cars and Suction Control Valve commercial vehicles TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) a full solution Program, also exhibited for the six-stage OBD standard engine and post-processing system sensor applications. As one of the biggest highlights of this show, Quanergy, the leader of 3D Sagata's 3D sensing industry, has introduced the world's first high-precision, low-cost, solid-state lidar sensor - S3.

The new Sa is a true solid-state design for automotive reliability applications of the lidar sensor, this 3D laser radar (light detection and ranging) is a breakthrough in the field of intelligent sensing Sexual development. Simple solid-state design eliminates the need for high reliability. For automotive applications, real-time scanning based on software definition provides unparalleled flexibility. In addition, the product also has a powerful remote detection function and very high resolution, coupled with its light weight, low power, low cost and compact design structure, easy to vehicle height integration. While the sensing software performs real-time 3D graphics and positioning, target detection, tracking and classification.

The technical performance of this 3D laser radar is also very outstanding, through the three main components of the mutual cooperation, S3 in one second can generate 500,000 data points; lasers in the 120 ° range of light pulses, photoreceptors to detect reflected light Pulse, the signal processor to calculate the time of each beam of light pulse (TOF); modular design can be achieved through the sensing software point cloud output; standardized design to achieve a range of 150 meters within 120 ° horizontal field and 10 ° vertical field. The introduction of the product will also enable advanced driving assistance systems and autopilot systems to enter the industrialization stage faster.

Chang Jing: the automotive industry not only requires technological innovation need to take into account the performance and reliability, and the laser radar industry is currently more advanced technology innovation, Quanergy has many years of experience in research and development of laser radar, and Sen Sata can use their own in the automotive market Production, supporting experience to the product to the real industry, to provide customers with reliable automotive applications of laser radar, which can achieve ADAS and automatic driving related fuel metering valve products in China and the world the possibility of mass production. At the same time in the process of cooperation, Sen Sata and Quanergy also play the advantages of both sides, Quanergy is a field of 3D sensor technology innovation company, and Sen Sata has a reliable sensor research and development, production and customer experience. In the process of cooperation between the two sides Quanergy is responsible for solid-state laser radar pre-technology research and development, and Sen Sata is responsible for laser radar manufacturing design, process development, and in the field of transportation exclusive production, promotion and sales, the two companies Advantages combine to bring solid-state laser radar S3 products to market.

Louay Eldada: The production of laser radar products from design to production needs to meet the three-dimensional perception, compact size, car integration and low cost and other factors. The Sunsa-Quanergy jointly launched the S3 solid-state lidar is a true solid-state design of automotive laser sensors, compared to the current industry mainstream laser radar sensor, with small size, high reliability, high precision monitoring The At the same time this S3 solid-state laser radar using phased array principle of electronic laser scanning, you can fundamentally eliminate ABS Sensor the use of mechanical moving parts, coupled with Quanergy research and development of highly integrated SoC to its operating conditions more stable. The advantages and highlights of the S3 solid-state lidar are three points: the first laser has a data density of 500,000 data points per second, and the second standard is designed to have a 120 ° horizontal field of view and a 10 ° Vertical field of view; third point cloud data can be randomly distributed, according to the application and the program point cloud density variable.

At the same time, we have reached an exclusive partnership Throttle Position Sensor in the field of transportation for the two companies, which will enable us (the two companies) to have closer cooperation in advanced assist driving systems and autopilot systems in the future The

Chang Jing: 2019 China TPMS strong policy implementation for Sen Sata is a very good opportunity, because we attach great importance to the Chinese market, two years ago will be the world's most advanced TPMS production base built in China, The complete industrial production line is sufficient to cope with the exponential growth of the TPMS business. At present, Sonsa has been working with almost all domestic OEMs, the domestic market share has more than 50%. In terms of technology, Sen Sata has achieved from the chip development to product design, structural production design are highly integrated, and Sen Sata is the world's only a large number of production TPMS self-positioning technology companies, comprehensive technical advantage is very prominent.

Chang Jing: the upcoming country six emission regulations highlight the increasingly stringent standards of China's automobile emissions, Sen Sata as the world's largest automotive high temperature sensors and automotive differential pressure sensor suppliers, in the energy-saving emission reduction is rich in Product development and application matching experience. At the same time Sen Sata Pressure Sensor in Europe, the United States and other developed areas for many years, for the EU and other stringent emission standards have a richer product range, and has been through the actual verification of the mainstream manufacturers in Europe and America, high durability. These have enabled Sentazeta to provide the best solution and support to our customers in the Chinese market, helping our customers avoid the risks of developing in a short period of time and developing products that meet the requirements of the six national emission regulations as soon as possible.

In the specific product, we mainly divided into two categories: the first type of engine optimization solution, we can optimize the engine performance, including Sen Sata's direct injection of high pressure sensor, fuel pressure sensor, oil pressure sensor, Cylinder pressure sensor, crankshaft and camshaft position sensor, etc .; the second type of post-processing sensor, is the discharge of the secondary treatment, and in this exhibition also appeared in the exhaust back pressure sensor, differential pressure sensor, high temperature sensor and EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) related temperature, pressure sensors and a series of products to meet the diverse needs of customers.
Car as the world's most complex consumer goods has been a pioneer of technological innovation, with the automotive intelligent, electric trend of the advance, the future will have more and more high-end parts enterprises to join in this, the 'agglomeration effect' Will also further promote the entire industry innovation.