ADAS, safety improvements, both comfortable and personalized driving experience are accelerating the need for high-performance sensing technology. Sensors can be applied to consumer electronics product gesture recognition, such as laptops and tablets, printers, copiers  Sensor  and Car object detection, toys and robots in the anti-collision, office, corridors and public buildings in the lighting control. Vishay combines all the circuits needed for these applications in this small size device, saving PCB space and making gesture recognition applications more flexible by using external transmitters.

   The device contains a programmable interrupt function that sets a high threshold and a low threshold, reducing overall power consumption in the application. This function can be programmed to trigger ambient light Pressure Sensor and proximity sensors. Sensors use Filtron technology, the spectral sensitivity of ambient light close to the human eye, and have a good ability to eliminate the background light. The high sensitivity of the device makes the detection distance up to 500mm. Can work in designs that use dark or high transparency lenses. The accuracy of the sensor is ± 10%, which is not affected by the strobe of the fluorescent lamp. It has good temperature compensation in the temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ + 105 ℃. The proximity sensor uses intelligent elimination techniques to eliminate crosstalk, while intelligent durations allow the sensor to respond quickly when detecting an object.

    Sensors are the future Speed Sensor direction of development, the new sensor gradually began to spread, for the owners in exchange for a better connection and more secure driving experience.