Electronic technology continues to progress, it is in all walks of life in the application of continuous progress, the current automotive electronics is also a major application areas. The market demand for automotive sensors continues to grow. China's auto industry is growing rapidly, especially Sensor in the car industry. China's huge market potential to attract the attention of many well-known car manufacturers around the world, these companies have to invest in China. With these multinational companies to provide the technology, hardware, and capacity protection, China in just a few years time to become the world's leading automobile producer.

The rapid development of the automotive industry for automotive electronics products provide a broad application market, China's auto electronics market with China's auto industry into a period of rapid development.

The global motor vehicle ownership is rising, the corresponding addition to mechanical products, the automotive Suction Control Valve electronics market needs to continue to rise is also rising. Car inertial sensor market demand rose 77%, the overall market prospects.

According to research firm Yole pointed out that MEMS's main driving force for the development of consumer electronics, especially smart phones as a key product, consumer electronics accounts for about 50% of the total MEMS market revenue; followed by automotive electronics and medical electronics, these The type of sensors required in the market is focused on inertial sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and Temperature Sensor magnetometers, as well as pressure sensors and position sensors.

Thanks to the rapid adoption of automotive safety regulations and automotive safety system applications in recent years, the use of these types of sensors in automobiles is rapidly increasing as more and more cars are introduced into safety systems.