China Hangzhou Internet aftermarket market fair held in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo. Exhibition to 'innovation and integration of cross-border' as the theme, to create 'Internet +' and auto Sensor parts market cross-border integration, covering automotive parts, automotive trading e-commerce platform, automotive derivatives and other fields.

  Last year, China's car ownership of 172 million, the new registration and annual growth are hit a new high. China's auto sales this year reached 19.36 million, an increase of 13.2% over the same period last year. In addition, last year, the number of cars in China about 67 million or so, accounting for about 40% of the proportion of car ownership. With the steady growth of car ownership and overcharged vehicles increased year by year, China's auto market development space is huge. Last year, China's auto market size reached 800 billion yuan, the expected annual compound annual growth rate will reach 12.7%, by 2020 the market size is expected to reach 1.4 trillion yuan. Among them, repair and maintenance Pressure Sensor is the most mature part of the automotive market, especially spare parts manufacturers and maintenance service providers will usher in rapid development opportunities.

China's auto electronics manufacturers are concentrated in the lower value-added basic components and components supply and communication and entertainment systems, and in the more professional traction control, body control, adaptive cruise, unmanned field few achievements, such Specialized automotive electronics field mainly by the European and American parts giant manufacturers to control, occupy the vast majority of market share. The current auto market after about 70% of the service in the 4S shop to complete, as the 4S shop and special service station mode after the market service through multiple links, the final owners of the maintenance and repair costs will be higher. And the car after the market model to remove the middle of the electricity business model, with a clear price advantage, the future of car service from 4S shop gradually shifted to the car after the market electricity business model. After the car market, electricity business model, including the traditional business Speed Sensor to commercialize the business, the class of electricity and vertical electricity providers. Among them, the platform of the influence and simplicity of electricity to attract more and more automotive market after the layout of enterprises; vertical electricity providers to provide the integration of services will also be sought after by the owners. In the developed countries of the automotive industry chain, the proportion of automotive after the market accounted for nearly 60%, while China is currently only about 10%, the future is still a larger room for improvement.

At present, China's auto market after the electricity market is in the primary stage of development, with the policy of increasing overweight and the rapid increase in market demand, the next few years after the car market electricity business scale will continue to grow rapidly, the compound annual growth rate will remain at 40% , By 2020 China's auto market after the size of electricity is expected to more than 100 billion yuan. The new regulations will help break the 4S shop technical barriers, reduce maintenance costs, car market will Throttle Position Sensor be more sub-market. With the support of the series to accelerate the policy, China's auto market will usher in the rapid development opportunities, all types of automotive market after the market is expected to benefit from the first business.