The automotive market has become an important application market for sensors. MEMS automotive sensors are an important source of information for the electronic control system of automotive electronic control systems. Real-time and accurate measurement and control of temperature, pressure, position, speed, acceleration and vibration are carried out. The In the automotive Sensor electronics control system, the rapid growth of market demand, automotive sensor technology continues to develop. The overall trend of the future development of automotive sensors is intelligent, miniaturized, integrated, multi-functional and new materials and new technology made of new sensors. MEMS technology sensors become the main components of automotive sensors.

  MEMS automotive sensor is the main information source of automotive electronic control system. The automobile market has become an important application market for sensors. MEMS automobile sensor is an important information source for electronic control system of automobile electronic control system. The temperature, pressure, position, speed, acceleration Suction Control Valve and Vibration and other information for real-time, accurate measurement and control. At present, an ordinary household car installed about 100 sensors, and luxury cars on the number of sensors up to 200.

The application direction and market requirements of automotive MEMS sensors include vehicle anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic body stabilization program (ESP), electronic control suspension (ECS), electric handbrake (EPB), slope start assistance (HAS), tire Pressure monitoring (EPMS), engine image stabilization, vehicle tilt measurement and car heartbeat detection and so on. With the popularity of high-end cars and smart cars, as well as the promotion of unmanned technology, ultrasonic sensors, image sensors, laser radar sensors, microwave sensors, infrared sensors are also used. Automotive sensors have become a major market for MEMS sensors.

Application of automotive MEMS

At present, the pressure sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and flow sensor four devices together accounted for 99% of automotive MEMS systems. Its five-year growth rate of 3-12%. MEMS pressure sensor is the most widely used sensor in the car, automotive MEMS pressure sensor price of about 5 to 7 dollars. In the automotive sector, MEMS pressure sensor operating income in 2013 is expected to reach 1.26 billion US dollars, accounting for 74% of the total industry operating income. At least 18 automotive applications will contribute to the fuel metering valve  growth of pressure sensors, including tire pressure, brake sensors in electronic stability control systems, side airbags, engine control associated with increasingly stringent emission standards, atmospheric pressure and exhaust gas recirculation pressures.

According to sales, the top five automotive MEMS applications are in descending order: ESC, airbag, intake manifold absolute pressure (MAP), TPMS and rollover detection.

Specific application:

1) MEMS sensor high-volume high-precision production and high reliability and low price, especially suitable for automotive applications in the electronic control system;

2) Automobile airbag sensor in airbag;

3) MEMS micro-accelerometer is to replace the previous electromechanical acceleration sensor;

4) MEMS gyroscopes in high-end automotive applications include: suspension control, roll;

5) Automotive MEMS pressure sensor and tire pressure automatic monitoring system, MEMS pressure sensor suitable for any type of tire, tire tire wall embedded in a small sense of pressure sensitive chip, automatic Pressure Sensor measurement of tire pressure, temperature, speed and other data, and use Specific code sent out;

6) MEMS applications in engine management systems;
7) Micromechanical gyroscope is a vibration type angular rate sensor, in the field of automotive applications development much attention, mainly for car navigation GPS signal compensation and automotive chassis control system;

8) Automotive electronic fuel injection system EFI to use multiple pressure MAP sensor to monitor the engine intake to the pressure to improve its dynamic performance, reduce fuel consumption and reduce emissions;

9) Miniature silicon piezoresistive MEMS pressure sensors can be used in engine exhaust gas circulation systems to replace ceramic capacitive pressure sensors.

  After years of development, China's auto market has become one of the fastest growing auto market in the world. With the increase in China's car sales, sensor applications also will grow rapidly. And MEMS technology automotive sensors gradually replace the traditional sensor, become the mainstream of automotive sensors. At present, China is the largest automobile Speed Sensor production and consumption countries, so China is naturally a big country for automotive sensor applications. The Integration of ADAS System to Promote Automobile Sensor
 Various types of sensors in the measurement range, accuracy and effective distance, etc. have their own advantages and disadvantages, in all kinds of auxiliary driving / unmanned solution is also basically the use of multi-sensor fusion solution.

In the context of the monopoly of foreign-funded enterprises, China's start-up enterprises in the automotive industry, the inherent system is extremely strict, the traditional automotive sensor market is very stable, a small number of European and American giant monopoly of the global market. 90% of China's automotive sensor market by the mainland, Bosch, Delphi, Sen Sata, Honeywell and several other foreign-funded enterprises monopoly.

At present, radar, ABS and so on more and more to become the vehicle before the company's products, this type of sensor demand rose rapidly. In addition, the continuous improvement of vehicle emission standards, such as in the engine operation and management system Throttle Position Sensor and the exhaust and air quality control system sensor applications, the material and process requirements are more stringent, mainland companies developed a nitrogen oxygen sensor on the rapid monopoly The market. Continental nitrogen sensor has a patented technology, just to catch up with China's auto emissions upgrade, all diesel vehicles need to install this sensor, this sensor market share is 100%.

ADAS system of millimeter-wave radar market concentration, long-term foreign auto parts giant monopoly, to Germany, the United States and Japan and other countries for research and development, the main companies are Bosch, mainland China, Hai La, Fujitsu, Denso, Delphi, Otto Liv and so on.

Domestic microwave / millimeter-wave radar sensor enterprises in recent years gradually emerged, mostly for start-ups, the general lack of automotive industry background. With the accelerated penetration Pressure Switch of ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System), more and more automobile industry chain suppliers such as Huadian shares, Asia Pacific shares, Huayu Automobile and other manufacturers have through independent research and development, international cooperation, investment and entrepreneurship team, etc. Cut into the accelerated layout.