Automotive Oxygen Sensor is a key sensor in EFI engine control system. It is a key part to control automobile exhaust emission, reduce vehicle pollution Sensor to the environment and improve the combustion quality of automobile engine. Oxygen sensor is installed on engine exhaust pipe. China as one of the world's largest car market, also has a huge oxygen sensor market.

   Oxygen sensor at any time to detect the oxygen concentration in the exhaust, and at any time to the car's electronic control unit feedback signal. With China's auto production increased year by year, the domestic demand for automotive oxygen sensors also increased dramatically, and therefore also inspired the development Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of domestic automotive oxygen sensor technology.

At present, countries around the world attach great importance to automotive oxygen sensor research and innovation. Oxygen sensor to declare the number of patents has been the first car sensor, China's development in this area has gradually accelerated. Nearly three years to improve the oxygen sensor of the old car there are 20 million, the annual production of new cars required oxygen sensors are more than 2 million. At the same time, the sensor technology is also constantly breaking and innovation. Now the new off-line gasoline vehicles are used in the oxygen sensor, and some new models Pressure Sensor in the three-way catalytic converter (twc) is also installed behind the oxygen sensor, used to detect twc conversion efficiency, the use of oxygen sensors.

The widespread use of cars has contributed to economic development and facilitation of people's lives and production, as well as more serious air pollution, and the problem of energy shortages has become more and more serious. In order to effectively promote the implementation of China's emission standards, a large number of high-quality automotive oxygen sensor is essential. In the future, in the technical improvement of oxygen sensor, we should focus on improving the protective layer material, improve the deterioration resistance, enhance the air permeability, improve the environmental adaptability of the oxygen sensor material, prolong the service life, expand the air / fuel ratio control Speed Sensor measurement area, Field air / fuel ratio measurement control.

Shangpu Consulting released '2014-2018 China Automotive Oxygen Sensor Market Research Report' shows: With the rapid development of China's auto industry, with the progress of automotive technology and sensor manufacturing technology to improve the automotive oxygen sensor will continue The development of its prospects is very broad. In the future, the accuracy of the oxygen sensor measurement signal will continue Throttle Position Sensor to improve, in order to improve the control capacity.