The detection of vehicle power refers to the maximum speed, limit acceleration and climbing ability that can be achieved in the car driving. It is one of the basic performance of the car. It can be detected by chassis dynamometer, five wheel instrument or non-contact speedometer. The current five-wheel instrument Sensor is gradually being eliminated, the chassis dynamometer and non-contact speed meter are equipped with speed sensor, drive sensors and displacement sensors, so that accurate measurement of the distance and speed of the car.

   Fuel consumption sensor can be measured consumption of oil, divided into positive and quality. Commonly used positive displacement sensor is mainly composed of elliptical gear Suction Control Valve or waist wheel rotor flowmeter; and quality fuel consumption sensor, including weighing, counting and control of three parts device, larger, not suitable for carrying.
Each miniature pressure sensor is installed in each wheel, and the air pressure of the tire is measured to transmit the information to the receiver. Tire pressure deviation from the normal range of the system will automatically issue an alarm, not only to protect the tires, but also to ensure the safety of the car. Car anti-theft device using two-axis acceleration sensor, tilt sensor, can be detected in time to move the tilt caused by shelving. Automotive infrared anti-theft alarm sensor is not only very sensitive, but also effectively eliminate the impact of interference factors to Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor adapt to changes in temperature, with the infrared sensor signal processor, the alarm circuit can efficiently monitor the environment around the car changes.

  Car headlamps to detect the beam position and luminous intensity, commonly used photovoltaic cell sensors. With the use of new materials such as semiconductors and ceramics for sensor-sensitive components, many advanced technologies have also been introduced into the manufacture of automotive sensors, such as integrated technology, microfabrication technology, thin film technology, etc., to produce reliable miniaturized sensitive components. Microelectromechanical system technology has brought great innovations Throttle Position Sensor to the field of automotive sensors. The use of microelectromechanical processing technology to micro-level sensitive components, signal processors, data processing devices packaged on the same chip, with small size, low cost, long life, high precision. With MEMS technology to do the foundation, the entire automotive sensor field will be moving towards safe, reliable, micro-power and passive direction.