Unattended vehicles and related technology products focused on the release of the market led to unprecedented unmanned concern, and Baidu unmanned driving debut opened China's unmanned commercialization process. Follow-up car prices and Internet giants intensive road test, as well as the relevant parts manufacturers such as the layout of the event so that the subject Sensor of heat continued fermentation. 2016 opened the first year of unmanned investment, by 2020 the initial commercialization, the industry will usher in 5 to 10 years long-term investment opportunities.

  Cycling intelligent and intelligent traffic is the two stages of unmanned technology research. Among them, the cycling intelligence is the basis of unmanned technology, is to achieve the ultimate path of unmanned the ultimate path; car networking and intelligent transportation is to promote the development of unmanned technology, a strong catalyst, will help unrivaled technology. The maturity of unmanned technology will eventually build Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor a city intelligent driving ecosystem, providing new solutions for future travel.

ADAS is from the semi-automatic driving to the full automatic driving through the accumulation of technology stage, the current 'after the equipment - before loading' is China's ADAS market interpretation of the industry line. In recent years, the industry growth rate of nearly 20%, with a certainty growth prospects. After the installation of visual system ADAS will become a breakthrough, with image processing technology and the ability to seize the data resources of the company will be in the process fuel metering valve of unmanned commercial priority to benefit.

The sensor is an unmanned sensory entrance. In the 'Internet of Things' development and unmanned technology dual drive, the next three years the vehicle sensor market will maintain 8% growth, including laser radar, millimeter-wave radar and stereo vision camera three sensors to benefit the highest certainty. The future development of the industry two lines: 1. By greatly reducing the cost of laser sensors to achieve large - scale commercialization; By optimizing the stereo camera algorithm to improve the identification of the ability to achieve a relatively low cost of the visual sensor solution.

High precision map and navigation is the future of unmanned essential essential technology. Centimeter-level map will reshape the existing map market structure, Beidou navigation to provide high-precision positioning services will boost the development of unmanned Temperature Sensor  technology in China, which in the high value-added operations in the part of the R \u0026 D advantages of enterprises to take the lead in the market Share.

The key to the market preheating stage lies in the accumulation of technology and product innovation. At present, there are two major trends in the industry. It is worthy of attention: First, the commercialization of unmanned mature technology at present, such as ADAS, ADAS market penetration is low, industry development is high , The market value of space. Second, the key technology breakthroughs and import substitution process, layout map navigation systems and sensors and other hardware investment opportunities. Sensors and map navigation ABS Sensor as unmanned core technology, there is still no mature products in our market, the first layout to achieve the accumulation of technology or cooperation with international giants companies will win the card bit advantage.