Any business want its market is a 'blue ocean', but this is not easy. Often, most of the market has a large number of companies compete for strangulation, become a highly competitive 'Red Sea'; In contrast, if a market Sensor is only a few companies optimistic and few entrants, then this market may still be digging Of the 'blue sea'. Automotive Pressure Sensors This auto parts market segment is likely to remain 'blue ocean'. Its market space for the Hangzhou Road, Micro Motor Sensor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Road Micro Company') founder Wang Yongliang optimistic. Previously, the climbing tigers continued to focus on the bottleneck encountered by the microblogging entrepreneurial team.

   Want to cut into this market is not just a micro-company, also includes Hangzhou Weilong Fire Safety Co., Ltd. Also optimistic about the ceramic car pressure sensor localization of the market prospects, the same technology and product development has accumulated for many years.

Fire safety equipment companies optimistic about the auto parts 'Blue Ocean', Wang Kai at the helm of the company is a production of fire safety equipment veteran enterprises fuel metering valve in the field of fire safety has 20 years of accumulation. Through years of market hard work, they have a stable business in the main customer base and business volume. , With the fire safety equipment market capacity tends to saturation, increasingly competitive, profit margins by a certain degree of extrusion, hoping to find new profit growth and market space.

In fact, the main fire safety equipment production company Wei Long on the auto parts market is no stranger. Earlier they have developed and produced a car driving recorder, car GPS positioning system and other intelligent transportation products, and to enter the vehicle manufacturers supply chain. Wang Kai has a lot of understanding of the production and supply chain of auto parts, and has been looking into the market segment of the auto parts industry. In the understanding of the ceramic car pressure sensor this part of the market structure, has a keen business sense of smell Wang Kai also capture the ceramic automotive pressure sensor market potential opportunities, and Wang Yongliang Temperature Sensor as trying to make a difference in this area.

The two sides of the channel with the team or complementarity, ceramic car pressure sensor, although only a button-like size of the parts, but to make enough to replace foreign strong brand products, must have a solid technical accumulation and excellent product quality. Weilong's team has been carrying out more than three years of technology and product development, the current development of their ceramic vehicle pressure sensor has passed the Dongfeng Motor sample test.

A small ceramic car pressure sensor, as Wei Long company and the Dow micro-companies to seek cooperation between the two points, since the two companies have similar market objectives, may be based on the possibility of exploring ABS Sensor the possibility of cooperation, common Carving technology and products, the co-development of the market.