With the development of science and technology, auto parts contained in the electronic sensors are more and more, more and more intelligent. The vehicle sensor is the input device of the automobile computer system. It transforms the electric signal into the computer so that the engine is in the best condition. The information of the Sensor vehicle is running in the air condition, such as the speed of the vehicle, the temperature of each medium, the working condition of the engine, Working state. Many sensor sensors to determine the sensor failure, should not only consider the sensor itself, but should consider the failure of the entire circuit.

   To regularly clean the throttle, check such as throttle failure, throttle idling motor failure and so on. Intake air control error Main check intake air flow sensor, intake pressure sensor and other failures. Air intake manifolds or various valve leaks directly affect the quality of the fuel mixture, affecting the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor combustion effect, possible leaks such as intake manifolds, vacuum tubes, activated carbon tank valves, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves, crankcase Forced ventilation (PCV) valves, etc., need to be overhauled one by one. With the gas phase inaccurate, timing belt installation error, into the exhaust valve too much carbon, valve spring break, etc., each cylinder intake is not the same, it will idle instability.

  Cold start when the engine fuel injection is larger, higher speed, especially for a long time do not start the car or in a cold environment, and so on after the engine temperature will return to normal. Ignition advance angle is too large or too small is the problem of various types of signal sensors, such as intake flow sensor, Hall sensor, knock sensor, coolant temperature sensor, etc., need to combine the detector analysis.

    There are burning oil phenomenon of the vehicle, the engine too much carbon can easily cause the engine knock. Idle engine power itself is not very adequate, and then open the sound, air conditioning and other electrical equipment, then there is no doubt to Temperature Sensor increase the load of the engine. Open air conditioning, the engine will speed, speed after there is idle, no speed there is no idle, the analysis is the engine idling speed is too low due. The maximum engine speed and the minimum speed and injector aperture has a great relationship.

   Three-way catalyst blockage is not only idle instability, but also lead to lack of power. Once the exhaust pressure is too high, the air flow meter or intake pressure sensor will detect the large intake air volume signal. Fuel injection pulse width increases, the actual intake of fresh air into the cylinder, the mixture is too thick and cause multi-cylinder failure, computer error air flow meter or intake pressure sensor signal voltage is too high. In addition, the exhaust gas blockage will cause high fuel consumption, noise, brake weak, difficult to start or even unable to start, acceleration or intermittent can not accelerate, cylinder fire, mixed steam too thick to accelerate the shock and so on. If the vehicle can also be normal speed, you can add no fuel tank in the fuel tank to automatically repair; if the vehicle has been unable to normal speed, indicating a serious blockage, the need to remove the three three catalytic converter, with water and oxalic acid soak, And then rinse with tap water; if the three-way catalytic converter ABS Sensor endoscopic examination results for the melting deformation, that only replace the new pieces and check the oxygen sensor, depending on the need to replace. Spray nozzle atomization is not good, nozzle clogging, etc., need to clean the nozzle. Fuel quality is poor, a direct impact on the engine combustion effect. Fuel pressure is too low to check the fuel filter, fuel pump and other components are blocked, tubing deformation and other failures. The engine is mainly to see the spark plug, ignition module (cylinder line) with or without fault, whether to flash.