Sensor is a veritable sunrise industry, even in the international financial crisis spread in 2008, China's sensor market is still contrarian growth of more than 20% of the good performance. The sensor industry with its high technological content, good economic returns, strong penetration, market prospects Sensor and other characteristics of the world attention.
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A sensor is a device or device that can feel the specified measurement and can be converted to an available output signal in accordance with certain rules. Sensors as a cutting-edge technology of modern technology, is considered one of the three pillars of modern information technology.
Sensors are electronic information equipment manufacturing industry in the basic category of products, is the focus of the development of new electronic components in the special components. In the country to strengthen the sensor development and application of a series of policy guidance and support, China's sensor has formed a certain industrial base, and in technological innovation, independent research and development, achievements have made great progress. A number of new sensors based on MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) technology Temperature Sensor are entering the market. Sensor design technology, material control technology, production technology, reliability technology and testing technology continue to develop mature, mass production capacity gradually increased. Mechanical sensors, gas sensors, temperature sensors, optical sensors, voltage sensors and other traditional sensors, not only in the domestic market share gradually increased, while there are some exports.

Sensors broad market prospects attract a large number of enterprises to join. Heavy machinery professional origin of Xi'an Zhongxing Measurement and Control Co., Ltd. General Manager Gu Rongxiang, to choose their own is not familiar with the sensor industry as a business goal. He said the sensor industry has the technical content and market prospects, and the competition is not too intense, the sensor industry, the company's MEMS-based pressure sensor and gyro acceleration micro-system Pressure Sensor combination of flagship product, is now exported to 45 countries and regions.
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   Sensors as a special application of a wide range of components, its variety is very complicated. The state of sensitive components and sensor industry is very important to the development, has been focused on support. But the small size of enterprises, scattered forces, weak technological innovation and other issues, restricting the development of the industry.

Gas-sensitive components are mainly concentrated in the low-cost semiconductor gas-sensitive components and catalytic combustion gas-sensitive components, the sales market is mainly concentrated in the country and serious overlap. This situation directly led Speed Sensor to price competition as the main means, and intensified, and ultimately make corporate profits decline or even loss, and gradually lost the new product development, equipment updates, product upgrades and other core competencies.