For decades, the glory of the global automotive industry has created a large market for automotive sensors. The new products and technologies have a new and high demand for automotive sensors, which are more important Sensor and offer huge market opportunities. The future of automotive sensors is promising.

 Intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, Internet of things and other technologies in the context of rapid development of the global sensor industry presents a new development trend. Is expected to 'thirteen' end of the global sensor market close to 300 billion US dollars. As an important part of the sensing layer of the Internet of things, the sensor is widely used Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor in the fields of automobile electronics, consumer electronics, biomedicine, industry, agriculture and so on.

  Automotive sensor status pivotal, 90% of the automotive industry innovation from the automotive electronics innovation. With the development of automotive decoder electronic technology, the degree of automotive electronic interference engineering continues to improve, the usual mechanical system has been difficult to solve some of the car function requirements related to the decoding problem, but replaced by electronic control system. The function of the sensor is to quantitatively provide the components of the electrical output signal quantitatively according to the specified measured size, that is, the transducer converts the physical and chemical quantities of light, time, electricity, temperature, pressure and gas into the signal, For the car safetyTemperature Sensor  technology provides an important solution.

  Sensors as a key component of the automotive electronic control system, it directly affects the technical performance of the car. At present, the general car is equipped with about 10-20 sensors, senior luxury cars are more, these sensors are mainly distributed in the engine control system, chassis control system and body control system. Automotive sensors are front-end systems for information collection and analysis. There are two types: one is body perception, including pressure, flow, acceleration sensors and gyroscopes. Second, environmental awareness, including laser radar, millimeter-wave radar, camera and infrared night vision Such as intelligent sensing equipment. Automotive safety technology from the passive safety technology to active safety technology (intelligent driving support) evolution, the sensor system from Pressure Sensor the body electronic sensor to the intelligent sensor extension, intelligent automotive intelligent sensor to bring huge market increment.

  Sensors in the car occupies a pivotal position, the market size is huge, but the giant monopoly, the industry chain system is quite stable. For decades, the global automotive industry has created a huge market for automotive sensors. According to StrategyAnalytics, the global automotive sensor market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.8% from $ 16.9 billion in 2012 to $ 23.5 billion in 2017. But the inherent system of the automotive industry is extremely strict, the traditional automotive sensor market is very stable, a small number of European and American giant monopoly of the global market. Financial crisis to the global automotive industry has been hit, but after the recovery of the global auto industry began to transform into the accelerated embrace of new technologies and new technology era, mainly for the introduction of new models faster and faster, the adoption of new technologies more widely, The number of related patents in the automotive sector is rising. And MEMS has been Speed Sensor considered only a new toy technology began to get large-scale application in the automotive field, the future space is still very large.

  At the same time, the automotive industry environment, security, entertainment, the three major needs of the birth of the 'troika' - new energy vehicles, automatic driving and car networking, automotive sensor industry will also bring a new stage. New energy vehicles (electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles) increased the need for temperature, gas, pressure, electronic control and other sensors; automatic driving to stimulate the body sensor type sensor (MEMS pressure, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc.) and environmental perception Sensors (camera, millimeter-wave radar, laser radar, etc.) demand; the trend of the Internet of things the first outbreak of the sub-domain will be car networking, and car networking on all types of automotive sensors also have a strong just need.

Although in the field of automotive sensors, Chinese enterprises and Europe and the United States is still a big gap between giants, but in the emerging automotive sensor protagonist - MEMS sensor, the Chinese enterprises catch up, with strong support in the policy and capital, China has formed A perfect MEMS industry chain. 'Thirteen five' period, in the market demand, policy traction and a series of positive factors, the competitiveness of China's sensor industry is expected to further enhance. At present, China's sensor industry has basically formed the layout, but also achieved certain results. Industrial development has formed a complete industrial system from technology research Throttle Position Sensor and development, design, production and application. Some of the segments have become one of the world's leading companies. China's automotive sensor companies will have a place in the future huge market.

  Layout of the automotive sensor at the time, the industry glowing new, huge market opportunities. Decades of the global automotive industry to create a brilliant automotive sensor market, the new products and technology on the automotive sensor has a new high demand, the importance of more prominent, bringing huge market opportunities. Therefore, the future of automotive sensors is promising.