Automobile in the automotive electronic control system in the important role and rapid growth of market demand, and promote the continuous development of automotive sensor technology. The overall trend of the future development Sensor of automotive sensors is intelligent, miniaturized, integrated, multi-functional and new materials and new technology made of new sensors.

Intelligent and can perform information storage and information processing, and can carry out logical thinking and conclusion judgment, which is equivalent to the combination of sensor and microcomputer, the information processing and control circuit integrated into a single chip, with self-diagnosis, multi-parameter mixed measurement, error Compensation and other functions.

Miniaturization of the use of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology and computer-aided design technology to the order of microns sensitive components, signal processors, data processing devices packaged Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor on the same chip, with small size, low price, long service life characteristics. And can improve the system test accuracy, has begun to replace the traditional sensor.

Multi-functional integrated, multi-function sensor for assembling several sensitive components on the same material or on a single chip. Can be different types of parameters to detect, that is, with a single sensor system to achieve a variety of sensor functions, can reduce the number of sensors, improve system reliability.

Integrated use of MEMS technology will be sensitive components and processors integrated in a chip, as IC-type sensor.

The application of new materials is an important basis for sensor technology. Now the emergence of new materials such as optical fiber, nanomaterials, and superconducting materials has contributed to the development of automotive sensors.

The performance of the sensor is not only related to its materials, but also with the processing technology, processing technology, micro-fine in the production of sensors occupy an increasingly important position. In recent years, with the development fuel metering valve of integrated circuit technology, micro-machining technology has been more and more for the sensor manufacturing process. With the development of modern manufacturing technology, there will be more advanced manufacturing technology applied to the production of automotive sensors.

The development of new sensor work principle is based on a variety of physical, chemical, biological effects, which inspire people into the step to explore the new effect of sensitive functional materials, and to develop a new principle of the new sensor, which is the development of low- High performance, versatile and miniaturized sensors.

Body control system sensor is mainly used to improve the safety of the car, reliability and comfort. Body control system sensors are mainly used for automatic air conditioning system temperature sensor, humidity sensor, sunshine sensor, etc.: rain sensor for rain detection; for the airbag system in the acceleration sensor; for door lock control of the vehicle speed sensor; for Brightness automatic control of the sun sensor; for reversing the use of ultrasonic sensors and laser sensors; to maintain the distance from Temperature Sensor the microwave sensor, infrared sensor: used to eliminate the driver's blind area of ​​the image sensor.

Navigation control sensors are mainly speed sensor, gyro sensor (monitoring vehicle driving direction of the sensor), combined with the global positioning system GPS, to provide comprehensive and timely traffic information, so that cars can be sensitive to their own and other vehicle location, while You can also perceive the driver's blind spot.

    The continuous development of automotive electronics technology and the increasing use of automotive electronic control system, the automotive sensor in the proportion of automotive electronics gradually increased, and promote the automotive sensor market demand for high growth, but also greatly promoted the automotive sensor technology development of. Intelligent, miniaturization, integration, multi-functional and new materials and new technology made of new automotive sensors will gradually replace ABS Sensor the traditional automotive sensors, automotive sensors to become the mainstream of the development of the car's safety, reliability and comfort Sexual and environmental performance has been further improved.