Automatic driving unlock the industry competitive format, and will be derived from three types Sensor of competitive enterprises to catch the fight:

   The first category is the automobile manufacturer: through a complete manufacturing process for the other two types of enterprises to provide vehicle manufacturing services, the core competitive advantage is the large-scale standardized production of intensive cost advantages, in other words, they are automatic driving age Car foundry. At present, Magna because Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of the automatic layout of the automatic driving technology and manufacturing expertise, can be called the representative of this model business.

   The second category is a brand travel service providers, they through the car network, artificial intelligence and other technical support, planning the best route, and carry out real-time response to travel business needs. At present, General Motors has been actively positioned in this area, and Lyft formed a strategic partnership, through consumer insight for the operation of the establishment of strategic business travel reserve.

    The third category is the system service provider, which installs the display terminal to master the car service entrance, develops the operation platform to satisfy the passenger multimedia service demand, and has the massive data in the background, including the user's whereabouts, travel habit, real-time position, vehicle service use preference The In the operating platform, industry standards made first-mover advantage, occupy the commanding heights of industry competition. At present, many automobile OEMs and Internet companies are competing for this high ground through strategic cooperation, including Changan Automobile and Baidu in 2016 signed ABS Sensor a smart car strategic cooperation agreement, Changan Automobile to provide end-user data feedback, Baidu The CarLife interconnection program, MyCar vehicle private cloud and CoDriver man-machine interaction solution are provided for Changan's car, and the two sides work together to optimize the system service.

   Companies must make choices in these three categories of companies at the stage of strategic vision. Different strategic options mean that the internal organization of the enterprise model will also be adjusted. For example, automobile manufacturers need to focus on large-scale product manufacturing process, the development of standardized product specifications, reduce R \u0026 D team size; brand travel service providers will focus on customer service experience and fleet management, and even the development of single trip Basic insurance value-added services, enhanced marketing and operation and management; system service providers are concerned about the development of technology platform, the establishment of technical standards to raise the barriers to competition.

   Automatic driving is the irreversible development trend of the automotive industry, product positioning, industrial value and the focus of changes in the business model, whether it is tight line of defense of the traditional car companies or eyeing the external Internet companies need to rethink their own value orientation and strategic development The Whether the company is positioned as a single car manufacturer in the future, professional brand travel service providers or control of the overall system of service providers, the core Speed Sensor of the competitive value is not blindly technological upgrading of the 'arms race', but to seize Consumers are increasingly upgraded, based on the use of different scenarios on the demand.