In the face of rainy autumn, the owners in addition to be careful driving, but also pay attention to vehicle inspection and maintenance. As the saying goes, good work, we must first Sensor of its profits. Only the premise of the vehicle in order to protect the safety of travel.

     The arrival of the fall also means that fog days will come frequently. And foggy weather is precisely the biggest trouble in autumn, seriously affecting the driver's line of sight, so as to bring serious safety to traffic safety. Therefore, after entering the fall, the owners must carefully check the lights brightness, if you find the lights aging, the brightness is not enough, it is necessary to replace the upgrade, to their own car put a pair of bright 'eyes.' Car air conditioning in a summer after the use of automotive air conditioning pipes Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor are usually breed a lot of bacteria, if not dealt with in time, it is easy to run in the air conditioning pipe mildew, and endanger the health of the driver. Into the fall must be timely check the air conditioning situation, if the smell and so on, we must promptly clean, antivirus, so as not to harm people's lives.

   In the fall, the car battery electrode wiring is the most vulnerable to the problem, check if the electrode wiring at the green oxide, be sure to use boiling water washed away, these green oxide will cause the generator power shortage, the battery in the Loss of power, serious will cause the battery to scrapped, or can not start the car. The main attention to check the brake fluid is sufficient, whether the deterioration of quality, if necessary, should be added or replaced. Always check whether the brake has become weak, deviation, brake pedal pedaling force has changed, if necessary, clean up the entire brake system piping part. Autumn and winter on the requirements of the car tires more stringent, if the tires of the tire wear is very serious than the wear mark, then the tire adhesion will be greatly weakened, driving on the water will be dangerous; the same time, if the shoulder Speed Sensor and tire The wall is damaged, driving in the rain, the rain will penetrate into the ply, so that the ply corrosion, reduce the strength of the ply, and ultimately cause puncture. And after a summer, car tires, whether it is worn or other, will have different degrees of big discount, so after entering the fall must remember to focus on checking the tires.

  This seemingly less important configuration in the summer wiper system, in the autumn and winter is playing a vital role, and even can say that it is not easy. Therefore, the autumn for the wiper system inspection can not be ignored, first of all to check whether the normal use of the wiper, and secondly to check whether the water tank is filled with glass of water, try not to add tap water, so as not to enter the winter, the water tank Ice, and the resulting water block. Autumn weather cooler, low temperatures will appear frost, in this season, you should pay special attention Throttle Position Sensor to the front windshield under the defrost outlet is normal, the heat is enough, if there Problem, to be resolved in time, otherwise the windshield defrost outlet once the problem will give winter driving will bring a lot of trouble and insecurity.