Car intelligent multimedia technology is covered by the light of the auxiliary driving class technology blooming. CES is sponsored by the American Consumer Electronics Manufacturers' Association to promote the close integration of cutting-edge electronics and modern life. Has become the world's major electronics companies to publish product information and display high-tech level and promote Sensor the future lifestyle of the window. The first is the auxiliary driving system, followed by the car multimedia system, and finally the new energy and environmental protection technology.

   CES show gives the feeling has always been a variety of whimsy, new technology, new invention debut rally, you can see the display of each store food freshness of the refrigerator, record life trajectory, physical condition of the bracelet, of course, those Let us drive the future more secure, more intelligent vehicle electronic technology and technology is also essential. Light group modeling has always been a designer to create a vehicle appearance 'personality characteristics' of the important means, referring to the shape of the lamp group believe that many people will think of the first reaction in the brain Audi brand. In the LED light source era, the designer has this technology and beautiful design integration, so that the light group to give the Audi brand of different models of different temperament. To a certain extent, this is almost a revolution in the lights. Audi has brought us laser headlamps. Compared with the LED light group, laser headlights not only have the same response with the LED light group, low brightness attenuation, small size, low energy consumption, long life and many other advantages. Compared to LED headlamps, laser headlamps are particularly advantageous in terms of volume, and the length of a single laser diode element can be 10 microns, only 1/100 of the size of a conventional LED element. This change is left to the designer More space to show their talent. Another significant advantage of the laser headlamps fuel metering valve is that the luminous efficiency of a typical LED lighting can reach about 100 lumens per watt, so that the laser diode element can reach about 170 lumens per watt, which means that when the same lighting conditions are met , The use of laser headlamps less than 60% of the energy consumption of LED headlamps, to further reduce the energy consumption, but also more in line with the future of the car's energy saving and environmental trends.

  Safe driving is to concentrate, the body is not recommended when driving a vehicle. When driving, there is a problem with our body that is likely to cause a major accident. For this time Kia developed a driving check on the driver's health check, the principle of similar part of the fatigue detection system. Kia in the CES on the display of the car's physical examination function is through the driver's thumb on both sides ABS Sensor of the steering wheel on the sensor to achieve, in the control screen, select the function after the user can put the thumb on the sensor To achieve some data detection. Such testing equipment and health testing equipment similar to the gym, you can check the user's current fat, heart rate and so on. Through this equipment users can more simple and quick understanding of the current physical condition, the future with this year's CES show on the red and purple smart hand ring equipment and App software, the driver real-time physical condition and determine whether to drive and whether to go to medical Institutions will become very easy.

  Although the rapid development of science and technology, but the vehicle's center console due to the need to carry many functions and buttons, so its shape rarely break. Industrial design can also become more beautiful. Atmel's concept of 'Atmel AvantCar', a car console that was shown at CES, promoted its development. The goal of this product is through the touch screen, touch the key technology, semiconductor products, to help designers create a more smooth shape of the console. Atmel AvantCar uses a metal mesh curved touch screen sensor 'XSense', this 12-inch touch screen is not only large size, and low power consumption. Second, it is equipped with a capacitive touch button and slider 'QTouch', you can replace the traditional buttons and knobs, in order to optimize the layout space.

  In order to reduce the driver in the vehicle when the sound and air conditioning and other system operation may bring the danger, Valeo developed the driving support system. The technology through the eye movement of the scan to the vehicle's sound and other related operations, that is, so that the car and the driver's eye to the Internet to achieve. With the eye to detect the camera, the driver only need Throttle Position Sensor to look at the button you want to operate, the driver can change the radio channel and access to relevant information. When this technology is integrated with the Header Digital Display System (HUD), the driver can see the corresponding information on the instrument control panel of the windshield without having to divert the line of sight when operating the vehicle.

   Car lighting equipment early people just to install the portable lights in the car, in the next 100 years, the development of automotive lighting equipment has never stopped, from the halogen lamp to the xenon lamp to the LED lights and even the concept of the laser is still large Lights, light changes are constantly breaking the development of automotive lighting equipment bottlenecks, although the new lighting technology can provide better visual effects at night for the driver, but in some special circumstances, the effect of these lighting equipment is still There are limitations, for example, night rain and snow days. The use of raindrops or snowflakes in the fall of the existence of the gap to achieve the system through a camera to track the falling raindrops / snow and the processor to calculate their movement trajectory, at the same time, the system through the projection equipment to adjust and rain / snow Position relationship, reduce the degree of light reflection, so that in front of the driver is a relatively clear vision. To the current development trend Pressure Switch of the lamp point of view, the projection function of the future may rely on LED light source to achieve, each LED components are system control, the agency that based on LED technology can LED and image sensor integrated in a chip , So as to minimize the volume and reduce costs.