Relationships are incessantly becoming increasingly complex owing ever-changing definitions and the dynamic requirements of individuals in the modern era. A checklist of simple characteristics no longer makes the cut with regards to compatibility. Couple therapy has become a ubiquitous presence in the realm of personal life. Asking questions has always been one of the most effective ways to communicate with a partner. Insightful questions and the honest answers pertaining to them can not only help to strengthen an existing bond or repair a worm down one. As famously proved by Arthur Aron's love questions experiment, the correct questions can even spark a flame between two virtual strangers. However, focused questions are imperative to the success of such an endeavor. Whether you're a part of an inquisitive couple or a loyal partner trying to get your relationship out of a rut the main areas to touch with your questions should be – ideals, dreams, quirks, memories, and dynamics.

What ideals are valued by your partner?

The ideals and principles held dear by an individual play an integral role in their interactions with anyone. Misunderstanding or ignorance of these values could lead to friction within a relationship or stagnation in a new bond. Additionally, when a person realizes that their thought processes are not completely alien to their other half they will be more forthcoming with subsequent insights and explanations. In the love questions experiment, the iconic opening question revolves the choice of the ideal dinner guest. This simple premise can, however, lead to surprising insights into the psyche of your partner. Alternatively, 'would you rather possess' questions can also be an interesting way to delve into the intricacies of your partner's personality. Feel free to ask your partner to choose between eternal youth and timeless wisdom or creativity and joy.

What are the dreams your better half is chasing?

A balanced relationship requires both partners to be accommodative and supportive of each other dreams. Being acquainted with your partner's aims in different of life is vital to be able to acclimatize to their behavior. In this facet, you can even put forth tag questions to test how well you know your other half's aspirations. Enquiring about what they consider to be their accomplishments can be a strong indicator of future goals. Other subtle routes you can take include questions centered around what one would do given only a small amount of time on the planet.

What quirks garnish your partner’s personality?

Correctly interpreting the actions of your partner is also subject to you understanding the quirks in their character. While these might be easy to glean off of an extroverted partner, an introvert is a deeper mystery. Would you rather questions based on how they like to spend time and to what extent of socialization they are comfortable might help you bring down some walls.

What memories are etched in the mind of your love?

The key to holistically understanding a partner is to not only understand their quirks, dreams, and ideas but also the reasons behind these features. Your better half's repertoire of childhood stories will help you empathize with him/her smoothly. Sharing memories of the past is a wonderfully intimate way to understand your partner. Prompt questions about the most treasured, most embarrassing, the worst or best memories that your partner harbors. Ask about any memories or nuggets about family or friends that they're comfortable sharing.

What does your partner need from a relationship?

The final aspect is, of course, what is expected of you in the relationship. It's always a good idea to know what about you attract your partner as well as what they would change if given a chance.

Take your partner on an emotional and mental journey of introspective thought as you comb through these questions to nurture your love.