Just because a person reaches a certain age, it doesn't mean that he or she can no longer perform at a competitive level in athletics. Throughout the history of sports, those who are near or over fifty have performed remarkably well. For instance, Jamie Moyer won a game as a baseball pitcher at nearly 50 years old. Tom Watson came close to winning the British Open just a couple of years ago.

There are many baby boomer athletes who are still competing in professional sports right now. In the coming months, they are poised to make a continuing mark on their chosen sports.

Fred Couples

Fred Couples was born in 1959, and he began his professional golfing career on the PGA Tour in 1982. Hardly a golf season went by without seeing Fred Couples win at least one golf tournament. During his career, Couples has won 56 times throughout the world.

On the PGA Tour, Couples' greatest success came in 1992 when he won the green jacket at the Masters Tournament. This was his sole major on the PGA Tour.

In 2010, Couples joined the Champions Tour. He was successful right away. In 2011, Couples won the Senior Players Championship, and in 2012 he won the Senior British Open. In 2013, he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Couples is an athlete to watch in 2014. He is coming off a good 2013 season where he was competitive in nearly every tournament he entered. He was close to the top of the money list. In 2014, Couples should continue his winning ways with his long drives and accurate putting.

Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad was born in 1949, and she began performing in long-distance swimming events in 1974. One of her goals was to become the oldest person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage.

Nyad tried on four different occasions to accomplish her dream. However, each of these four attempts ended in failure. As she swam, she was often stung by jellyfish making her unable to endure the swim.

At the age of 64, Nyad decided to make a fifth attempt at swimming from Cuba to Florida. This time, she wore a suit designed to protect her from the jellyfish. On her fifth attempt, Diana Nyad was successful.

Since her record-setting accomplishment, Nyad has done some long-distance swimming events to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. She is currently writing a book scheduled to be released in 2015. There are rumors that she may perform in some other long-distance swimming activities in the coming year.

John McEnroe

John McEnroe was once the number one ranked player in men's tennis. During his career, McEnroe has won more than 70 titles including wins in all four Grand Slam Tournaments. He is a three-time Wimbledon winner and a four-time U.S. Open winner in singles play. He has also won a number of titles in doubles competition.

Since his retirement from the main tour, McEnroe has spent a great deal of time working as a tennis broadcaster on various networks. He continues to play on the Champions Tour made up of some of the greatest tennis players to ever play the game. He plans on continuing his Champions Tour appearances in the coming year, where he is always an exciting player to watch.

Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik via: imager.io, cc