Financial Aid and Scholarships for Baby Boomer Students

Most Baby Boomers who have made the decision to go back to college do not even think to apply for financial aid, loans, grants or scholarships.

Adult financial aid can be even more difficult to come by than those targeting high school students who are about to enter their freshman year in college.

There is no doubt that attending college is going to require some financial assistance for most, though.

For those who have graduated high school and have been a productive member of the workforce, but are considering returning to academia in order to improve their chances of upward mobility career-wise or simply to pursue their dream job, adult scholarships could be the answer.

Baby Boomer students typically have more financial obligations to worry about and often have families to support while trying to pay for school.

Additionally, many adult students may be balancing work and college and may be making too much money to qualify for need-based federal student financial aid.

But, if you could find financial support in the way of educational assistance, grants and student loans, I am sure you would welcome it.

Most Baby Boomer students still base their "furthering education" plans on the financial aid myths that there are no scholarships or financial aid for adult students to be found, and that even if these avenues do exist, average students won’t qualify for them.

Many adult students just don’t see themselves as scholarship winners.

Maybe they dropped out of college years ago ( or spent 15 years as an undergraduate like me) or didn’t do so well in high school.

They figured they weren’t the scholarship "type" then, and they assume nothing has changed now.

Besides, it may appear scholarships are all for young kids fresh out of high school, anyway.

The chances of finding scholarships or financial aid for adult students attending a community college or vocational school instead of a four-year college or university might also seem slim.

However, the same advice applies to Baby Boomer students as to high school seniors:

There are scholarships and there is financial aid resources out there for you!

Not only do many scholarship programs not put an upward age limit on their awards (for example, the Scholarships.com Area of Study college scholarships are available to any students who will be enrolled in college next year), but there are also numerous scholarships for adult students specifically—you just have to know where to look.

Your college may offer special aid and scholarships for adult students.

Your current employer may even pay part of your tuition, especially if your degree is related to the company’s line of work.

Additionally, you can do a free scholarship search on Scholarships.com and instantly get a list of scholarship awards that apply to your situation.

With all the challenges that going back to school presents, adding a scholarship search to the list might be a daunting task, but it can definitely pay off in the end.

OK, so we are at the starting gate.

The decision has been made that heading back to school is the right thing to do.

Over the next few days I will bring to your a varied assortment of resources, websites, articles and  links to help you find "real world" financial assistance to ease the economic burden of paying for school.

To begin your journey, I found this valuable infographic on the website ScholarshipExperts.com that will help you create an easy to navigate template you can use to work your financial aid plan.

There are probably more options available to you than you think.

Why not start with reviewing the information on this infographic and then sitting down to formulate your personalized financial aid plan.

Make sure to click on the informative links on this graphic.

One word of caution though..............................................

As you navigate through all of the information and websites I present to you over the next few days make sure to be aware that these are "monetized" sites that have an abundance of sponsors and underwriters and promotional campaigns that are hoping you will click on their ads.

Many of these ads are designed to look like links to take you to additional research information but are in reality just advertisements for paid promotions.

Don't waste you time on them unless they are relevant to your research.

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